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Sparky862 Realistic Immersion

Created by sparky862
Added July 28, 2020
Updated 24 Feb 19:49 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Follow me on https://www.twitch.tv/sparky862 SEARCH FOR MY GUIDE ON STEAM (SPARKY862 RESHADE). GO LEAVE A COMMENT AND ALSO PLEASE UPLOAD PICTURES OF YOUR RESERVES ON MY STEAM GUIDE. I WOULD LOVE TO ENGAGE WITH YOU GUYS AND YOUR PICTURES. I quickly got tired of the white washed out overlay on my screen, the unrealistic shadow quality (even the dark nights) and the bland colors. With this ReShade I took away the washed out white, I took away the awful AA Blur the game gives us WHILE at the same time making colors more realistic, nights more realistic and overall quality of game more realistic. All of this without straying from the game colors itself and over excessive blinding Bloom like other Shaders. I only took screenshots on this one map, but other maps will also look stunning and will also get the same quality ... because like I said .... my Shader Preset only aims to take away the white overlay and the horrible blur of the AA system while making everything else better all in all staying within the game color range. This is pretty much standard ReShade installation, nothing fancy, but for the new comers here is a step by step procedure. 1. Download Latest Version Of Reshade 2. Open The ReShade_Setup.exe 3. Select "Click Here To Select A Game And Manage Its ReShade Installation 4. Select Your theHunterCotW_F.exe From The List or 4.1 Select Browse And Browse To theHunterCotW_F.exe Installation Directory And Select It 5. Select Direct3D 10/11/12 And Click Yes 6. Select ALL Shader Options To Download 7. Make Sure That You Also Select All Settings After Each Pop Up Window That Pops Up 8.Download The .txt File Below And Place In Your theHunterCotW_F.exe Directory (Click On Show Settings For Link) 9. Start Up Your Game 10. Press Home 11. Follow The Prompts And Select Your Preset File Name (The File You Downloaded) From The Menu 12. Profit
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29 Jul 20:43 CEST

Under each image you will find a brief description on what I tried to capture so you can understand the effects of my ReShade and what I tried to accomplish.

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