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Sayama's Solemnity

Preset for Yakuza Kiwami 2
Created by MarvelousSagacity
Added Jan. 22, 2022
Updated 22 Jan 12:38 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
This Reshade preset “Sayama's Solemnity” for Yakuza Kiwami 2 does many things, yet here are the five things I believe users will notice most in descending order (Most noticeable to least noticeable). This preset uses only one shader/effect: MultiLUT.fx. If one is newer to Reshade and needs information on how to load the below “MultiLut_atlas1.png” file in the image gallery (First image) to get this preset working, instructions can be found here: https://bit.ly/3Al4BU9 1.) Lighting Light sources now have luster, and are more focused. Lighting is no longer washed out resulting in no real impact on areas and settings. Lighting now has real prominence, adding ambiance to the actions of characters in Yakuza 2/Ryu Ga Gotoku 2. Here below are a few examples of this in game. 1 https://bit.ly/3Iqb03k 2 https://bit.ly/3fKRL8i 3 https://bit.ly/3KyL6fG 4 https://bit.ly/3qZMrVf 5 https://bit.ly/3IoYz7S 6 https://bit.ly/3qPq7NG 7 https://bit.ly/33yQNK5 8 https://bit.ly/3nOKDwa 2.) Overall Darkness/Shadows Areas with little to no light, both indoor and outdoor will now be heavily impacted. This includes cities at night. Walking down a back street corridor at night will now feel more intimidating; well, maybe to the user. I doubt Kiryu would even flinch. In game examples are below. 1 https://bit.ly/3KJFcsi 2 https://bit.ly/3rEzPBU 3 https://bit.ly/341EPbH 4 https://bit.ly/3FQVhbU 5 https://bit.ly/3KyAUDV 6 https://bit.ly/3Am23W3 7 https://bit.ly/3GToVyA 3.) The color black no longer has a green tint/hue The color black in this game by default is lighter and has a green tint to it. It is not necessarily bad, given ones preference, in my humble opinion though it hinders shadows and dark areas. Black is now scaled to more normal values. One more note, this does not effect the color green in any aspect. Green will still look normal as seen here with Kiryu golfing. https://bit.ly/3FUYaZ8 Here are examples of contrast with the original black color values versus this presets black color values. 1 https://bit.ly/3GU2ut9 2 https://bit.ly/3rEonGu 3 https://bit.ly/3tQNcSa 4 https://bit.ly/3fPIZG2 4.) Details of textures are more visible Details of various objects in the game are clearer; most of these include texture patterns in walls, floors, and streets; but it can include details in character models, clothing, buildings, sky-box, etc. 1 https://bit.ly/3FTnWNv 2 https://bit.ly/3FSGFZF 3 https://bit.ly/3IvaktI 4 https://bit.ly/3FT0zUm 5.) Depth of Field The least of the effects is Depth of Field. It is very situational, not constant. It mostly occurs in lower lit areas where light and dark areas have good or somewhat equal contrast with one another. Here are examples. 1 https://bit.ly/3tPtLcl 2 https://bit.ly/3fOSfdK 3 https://bit.ly/3nOC9VM 4 https://bit.ly/33z2lgo That concludes the various details and information on the preset “Sayama's Solemnity” for Yakuza 2 Kiwami. To those those not familiar with the Yakuza/Ryu Ga Gotoku series the name of this preset refers to Kaoru Sayama, who is a main character & love interest of Kazuma Kiryu (In this game specifically). “Solemnity” refers to the serious nature or burden she carries based on her profession/gender. In her mind this solemn tone will earn her colleagues respect; simultaneously this solemness is a defense mechanism to help her cope with being the only female on the police force. On some levels, though different(Very different in obvious aspects.) this parallel can apply to Kiryu and his line of work. This semi-commonality they have with each other is fun to watch, and in my personal opinion that is why Kiryu respected her to a varying degree from their earlier interactions. As a result of that bond of circumstances, Sayama makes a serious genuine effort in being her true self, receiving and giving vulnerability. In no small part coming to the realization that vulnerability is a strength and toughness in its own right; finally leaving behind the more forced bravado around Kiryu. What’s the saying, real recognizes real, game respects game? That interaction between these two is among my favorites if not my favorite of the entire Yakuza/Ryu Ga Gotoku series. It was when I first played it in 2006 and still is now with this new version of the game. It begs the question with a strong character like Sayama, I would include Date too since he shares the same profession, why did the Ryu Ga Gotoku team feel like they had to make an entirely new character for the Judgment game series? It was quite peculiar they did not go with either Sayama or Date for that type of spin-off game, or have the both feature, akin to a buddy cop movie. One being more of a rookie sticking to by the book rules, while the veteran is tired of the job and all of its conventions. It would have been an interesting dynamic; do not get me wrong, what they did with Judgment is cool and unique. I just find it odd because it was not the obvious choice given established characters already in the series. When I think of Sega, I still think of Sonic first but Kiryu is a close second. I am surprised neither of them have showed up in each others game in terms of game-play. Kiryu collecting gold rings in a Sonic the Hedgehog platforming game or Sonic spin dashing baddies in a Yakuza game. At times given the more absurd nature of the Yakuza series I think Sonic as a hidden character would be fun, but I digress. This preset was suppose to be released last month given the Christmas areas in the game are featured last in the below image gallery. It could feel out of place now because it is almost a month later. Let me be the last to wish people a very late Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. -peace out
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PreprocessorDefinitions= Techniques=MultiLUT@MultiLUT.fx TechniqueSorting=Layer@Layer.fx,LUT@LUT.fx,MultiLUT@MultiLUT.fx,SMAA@SMAA.fx [Layer.fx] Layer_Blend=1.000000 Layer_Pos=0.500000,0.500000 Layer_Scale=1.508000 [MultiLUT.fx] fLUT_AmountChroma=1.000000 fLUT_AmountLuma=1.000000 fLUT_LutSelector=0 [SMAA.fx] CornerRounding=25 DebugOutput=0 DepthEdgeDetectionThreshold=0.010000 EdgeDetectionThreshold=0.100000 EdgeDetectionType=1 MaxSearchSteps=32 MaxSearchStepsDiagonal=16 PredicationEnabled=0 PredicationScale=2.000000 PredicationStrength=0.400000 PredicationThreshold=0.010000



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