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RetroTerminal shader

Created by glitchapp
Added Aug. 28, 2023
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Cool retro terminal shader combined with scanlines
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[CoolRetroTerminal.fx] brightness=0.500000 contrast=0.850000 flickering=0.100000 glowingLine=0.200000 horizontalSync=0.160000 jitter=0.180000 rasterization=0 rgbShift=0.000000 saturationColor=0.000000 screenCurvature=0.100000 staticNoise=0.100000 terminalBackColor=0.040000,0.800000,0.400000 texture_sizeX=320.000000 texture_sizeY=240.000000 [scanlines-abs.fx] amp=1.250000 lines_black=0.000000 lines_white=1.000000 phase=0.000000 texture_sizeY=240.000000


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