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Realism, by illvminati (WIP -not ready)

Preset for PayDay 2
Created by illvminati
Added June 8, 2014
Shader used: SweetFX 1.5
Preset description:
Work in progress. Not yet ready! To do: *Brighten the darker textures, especially the gun details. *Make the lighting less Sepia-toned.
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Work in progress. Not yet ready. Sorry!


27 Jun 20:20 CEST

Gonna have to disagree with Manoffaith on this one. I think that this preset gives a nice dark, cinematic feeling to the game/screenshots.
People have already tried to download this preset and it would be nice if it was available in its current state.
Sure, the darker textures is a little bit dark but it is not that big of a deal really.
I actually like the sepia-tone; giving the visuals a new feeling in a good way.
Great work mate!

12 Jun 01:05 CEST

Yes I need to remove the brown tint and brighten it again.
I resolved much of it already but can no longer get SweetFX to work for some reason.

I'm trying to fix it now and will upload the new screenshots when SweetFX is working for me again.

Thanks for the feedback Manoffaith.

11 Jun 17:32 CEST

Much more better without sweetFX...

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