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͡° ͜ʖ ͡° Unreal Witcher 3 Preset

Created by piterrrxd
Added June 10, 2015
Updated 12 Jun 01:01 CEST
Shader used: Other
Preset description:
Reshade with framework. Download link: http://www25.zippyshare.com/v/AjgF6HrB/file.html Extract package to "The Witcher 3/bin/x64". Optional DOF - Copy selected "McFX_settings.cfg" file to ReShade folder. End key - toggle DOF effect. Disable/lower sharpening in game options. As they currently I have only integrated gpu (1-2fps in Witcher 3), I work on preset on the vanilia screens found in the network - most of them are taken from the Nvidia guide.
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/*----------------------------. | :: Description :: | '-----------------------------/ Game: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Author: piterrrxd /*----------------------------. | :: ReShade Framework :: | '----------------------------*/ // Keycode aliases #include "ReShade\Common\KeyCodes.h" // Global configuration #include "ReShade\Common_settings.cfg" // Shared resources and useful helpers #include "ReShade\Common\Util.h" #include EFFECT(CustomFX, Util) #include EFFECT(GemFX, Util) #include EFFECT(McFX, Util) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, Util) /*----------------------------. | :: Effect Ordering :: | '----------------------------*/ #include EFFECT(McFX, SSAO) #include EFFECT(McFX, DOF) #include EFFECT(CustomFX, TiltShift) #include EFFECT(GemFX, MotionBlur) #include EFFECT(GemFX, AdvMotionBlur) #include EFFECT(GemFX, MotionFocus) #include EFFECT(GemFX, Bloom) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, Shared) #include EFFECT(GemFX, AmbientLight) #include EFFECT(McFX, HeatHaze) //#include EFFECT(GemFX, AdvAmbientLight) //WIP #include EFFECT(CustomFX, TuningPalette) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, Ascii) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, Cartoon) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, LumaSharpen) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, SMAAWrap) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, Explosion) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, FXAAWrap) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, Bloom) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, HDR) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, CA) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, AdvancedCRT) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, PixelartCRT) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, LensDistortion) #include EFFECT(CustomFX, ColorCorrection) #include EFFECT(CustomFX, Cel) #include EFFECT(CustomFX, Gaussian) #include EFFECT(CustomFX, Custom) #include EFFECT(McFX, FishEyeCA) #include EFFECT(CustomFX, Gr8mmFilm) #include EFFECT(Common, UIMask) #include EFFECT(Common, Border) #include EFFECT(Common, SplitScreen) #include EFFECT(Common, DisplayDepth) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, Transition) #include EFFECT(Common, ToggleMessage)


15 Jun 12:18 CEST

No prob.Thx for the amazing preset :)

15 Jun 09:30 CEST

Thx for the gameplay :)

14 Jun 13:37 CEST

Unreal Witcher 3 Preset Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ukbtayj4Ck

12 Jun 20:39 CEST

Its more cinematic preset than "realistic" to create these colors, sky its too brigh and will slightly fade with filmic pass. If you are looking for natural contrast just try another preset.

12 Jun 19:41 CEST

You nearly completely remove the clouds... (see your first screenshot)...Colors are OK but i dont like the lightening.

12 Jun 01:02 CEST

@Stolen thx dude. Fixed, try now.

11 Jun 23:18 CEST

Syntaxis error in any DoF preset.Fix this issue pls.

11 Jun 11:57 CEST

Preset upgraded to a newer version of Reshade and included profiles of depth of field ;)

11 Jun 04:40 CEST

Would you consider updating this preset to the latest release of ReShade, please? And possibly the version with the framework, so we can apply DoF tweaks to it...?

Otherwise, this is brilliant...

10 Jun 22:14 CEST

Please add optional Depth of Field

10 Jun 17:46 CEST

Just rename ReShade64.dll to dxgi.dll, it should work.

10 Jun 15:52 CEST

This looks truly amazing! But I can't run the reshade setup, it won't work in Windows 10. Could you please upload the complete setup without me having to run the setup myself?

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