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by agrey

[Mad Max Redux] *New Version*

Preset for Mad Max
Created by geoman88
Added Sept. 8, 2015
Updated 26 Sep 20:07 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
NEW VERSION + NEW INSTALL(hope it works :D )** Redownload preset here. ------------------------------------- Install : 1- Download my preset here on this site(link to the file inside). 2- unzip/unrar to madmax.exe location. 3- Play. --------------------------------------
Download preset Show / Hide settings
New install, unzip to madmax.exe folder http://www90.zippyshare.com/v/CtGEyOHe/file.html


31 Dec 19:06 CET

hi..which version of reshde??? i tried using this mod with reshade 3.07 and it did not work :|

16 Dec 18:29 CET

Very nice indeed!!

7 Sep 09:14 CEST

I have seen so much ReShades, but this is the only one, which looks like the real life.
The colours are so awesome and the lighting is so good.

You´ve done it very well :)

28 Feb 01:25 CET

Loving the way this preset looks, Geo. Can't wait to replay the game with it. Thanks.

26 Sep 20:09 CEST

Manually works as well, and thx i'm happy that you like it :)

24 Sep 21:12 CEST

i havent ever been able to get mediator to recognize any .exe ever, so i installed this manually, i hope im not missing any of this presets effects as such.

however, the screenshots do not do this justice! this is definitely one of the top mad max sweetfx presets, and so far i think its probably one of the sickest ive ever used on any game.

16 Sep 11:17 CEST

And after all this you can modify it with the mediator. Sorry for mispells.

16 Sep 11:16 CEST

First you got to take my preset folder of mad max(where all the .cfg are) and put it in the "ReShade 0.19.0 Public Beta_\ReShade\PersonalFiles\Profiles" or any folder where you wanted to put your profiles.

Second you open mediator.
On the left under "ReShade Setup", click add and select madmax.exe then reclick add(select D10/D11).

Second, on the right under "Local Presets", you need to select the preset madmax/madmaxredux then click add(previously putted in profiles folder).

Then you click add and it's done. Hope it'll help you.

16 Sep 07:13 CEST

But interesting to know how you forced to work it using mediator.exes step by step .

I did not understand how to Use ReShade Framework with mediator

16 Sep 07:10 CEST

It works . Thank you so much

16 Sep 03:09 CEST

New install in the description, hope it works for you guys.

15 Sep 17:48 CEST

Take video or write for details

15 Sep 17:47 CEST

Help. Not working

Author tell me how to make it work. I do not understand how

9 Sep 23:32 CEST

[Noob time]

How do I use this?

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