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Created by kaicooper
Added Oct. 8, 2015
Updated 11 Oct 11:53 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
this's Reshade Framework preset for Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence on PS2 Emulator.. we all know the game is so greenish and i made it more like 70's style and better look.. i CANT add alot of BLOOM,SHADOWS,etc cus the game itself dosnt have Post Processing at this moment till they fix it..
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there's many files for Reshade F. i uploaded on MediaFire.. here it is and enjoy it https://www.mediafire.com/?9ngqx72e45ikl6m


30 Aug 17:34 CEST

how to install this preset? And will this works with openGL renderer?

17 Mar 14:45 CET

Can u please tell how to install this mod?

11 Oct 07:18 CEST


i'll try..but today i'll upload great
preset for Peace Walker

9 Oct 18:19 CEST

Looks great, awesome preset!!! I hope you can do something for Metal Gear 2 that looks like shit too (at least that's my opinion)

9 Oct 12:12 CEST


yes bro..everything was Green..even Eva ass is green XD..i made this preset to feel the real 70's style and much much better look and added Grain effect exactly like old movies
enjoy it brother

9 Oct 10:54 CEST

Looks great. Once thing that always bothered me about MGS3 is that everything is green, even the ground and tree trunks. I'm gonna use my emulator to play this instead of the HD edition on PS3.

Great work ^^

9 Oct 01:32 CEST

thanx brother
thanx for correcting me
i totally forgot about that

9 Oct 00:59 CEST

Great preset! only one thing to correct, the game is called "Subsistence", "Substance" goes for Metal Gear 2.

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