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☢True Wasteland ☢ *Update* 11/ 16

Preset for Fallout 4
Created by geoman88
Added Nov. 10, 2015
Updated 15 Jun 20:59 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
☢TRUE WASTELAND☢ Preset for Fallout 4. ☢====================================☢ *UPDATED* : NEW INSTALL, 22mb size, just download, extract and play, this is the Final Edition + DOF. This is the preset as it should be and the way it is on the screenshots. (Please see the screenshots in fullscreen for the best results) ☢====================================☢ -New colors for each weather. -Feeling of a desolated wasteland but not monochrome like or realistic. -Darker Nights(but not too dark). -No more blue tint. -Depth of Field. ☢====================================☢ Install : 1.Click on download preset here(link inside .txt) 3.Extract the files to fallout4.exe location. 4.Play. ☢==============================☢ PS : Best used with Temporal AA. PS2 : You can enable Ambient Occlusion in McFX.cfg, but is a killer fps tho. PS3 : You can Disable DOF in McFX.cfg, put "0" instead of "1" on the DEPTH OF FIELD line.
Download preset Show / Hide settings
The Final edition + DOF (without AO) : http://www57.zippyshare.com/v/LknZPdIS/file.html Download, extract to fallout4.exe folder and play.


31 May 01:49 CEST

Very nice screenshots. Will check this out later :)

20 Dec 21:04 CET

I like how it looks, but my character is white (race) and now looks ebony or something lol.

26 Nov 11:27 CET

Probably CURVES, lower the settings in Sweetfx.cfg.

26 Nov 01:52 CET

Thanks, the graphic is very cool now (apart the textures), but very dark at night, see barely , how can I reduce this thing?

25 Nov 21:14 CET

TheBestWorst > Go in Fallout4/ReShade folder and find McFX.cfg, in there you find DEPTH OF FIELD and you put "0" :) There you go.

25 Nov 20:37 CET

Hey man i really like this preset, only thing, how to deactivate the DOP? Don't find the line in the config files.

23 Nov 11:00 CET

this sweetfx need to high performance :) tks

16 Nov 20:14 CET

Thnaks for he answer. Really like this preset but personally I am not a big fan of DOF so I deactivate it and thank you for the tip on activating AO :D

16 Nov 09:54 CET

Yes i just realized that i did not putted all the files in the ReShade folder...i'm correcting this right now. Sorry for the mistake.

15 Nov 21:29 CET

I fixed it. Sry to bother. I downloaded the Final Version of your Preset, then downloaded Reshade Framework, copied your files into the reshade folder and bam: It works.
by the way great work you are doing

15 Nov 21:25 CET

I do not know why but it is working with my game. I did what the description said but no difference...

14 Nov 02:11 CET

The V5 is a rework from the V4, so it's essientially the same, but better balanced.

14 Nov 01:34 CET

Link works now

14 Nov 01:04 CET

Link does not work. I liked V4 from the pics, can we have older downloads available please?

13 Nov 13:41 CET

Same feelings as Nik, i prefer the warm atmosphere of the V4 (More saturate, vivid orange of the lasers etc). Waiting for V5 ;) Thanks for your time on this preset mate.

13 Nov 13:30 CET

I'm working on a V5 who has all the effects but balanced better, and i will let the performance version available.

13 Nov 12:18 CET

Feels a little too different now,
less warm & more greenish.
Though, it is called "The True Wasteland".
Reminds me of FO3.

13 Nov 03:55 CET

Dapix97, i know, i fixed it a little with the new version, it's more natural now.

12 Nov 21:30 CET

the night is much better than vanilla, but the day is a lil bit too "orange"....
nice one anyway!

11 Nov 21:50 CET

Thank you Novacorps, i'll do that.

11 Nov 13:52 CET

Ok it works now!

Geo, you need to specify that all people needs to install the "Reshade Framework" 1st: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qzt57592861g1fv/ReShade+Framework+

Then copy/paste your preset over the actual Reshade Framework.

11 Nov 13:38 CET

Hey Geo,

i try everything to make this nice preset working but it didn't. I see the ReShade message but the graphics aren't changed too. any help? Thanks.

11 Nov 13:13 CET

db87 > Download the common.cfg here : http://www89.zippyshare.com/v/UytIoMek/file.html

And paste it in Fallout4/ReShade/ folder, replace it. Hope it works now.

11 Nov 12:45 CET

B:\Games\Fallout 4\ReShade.fx(145, 45): error X3004: undeclared identifier 'VK_SCROLL'
B:\Games\Fallout 4\ReShade.fx(145, 54): error X3000: syntax error: unexpected ';', expected '{'

11 Nov 05:31 CET

Try to download again, this should work now...i hope ;D

11 Nov 04:24 CET

Doesn't work. Extracted the files, boot up the game. I see the ReShade message but the graphics aren't changed.

11 Nov 01:45 CET

Looks awesome, but i wish i knew how to make it look a little less warm.

11 Nov 01:23 CET

Can you upload that with full verison?

11 Nov 01:15 CET

Nothing change when I copy and play ?

10 Nov 16:53 CET

it happened^^ and it looks fukn awesome, too^^ great job bro!

10 Nov 05:45 CET

Good if it works for you, i had this problem before with this "VK_DELETE", i hope i fixed it now :)

10 Nov 05:44 CET

Fixed, replace all : http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/8oUPhuMB/file.html

10 Nov 05:42 CET

Ooops sorry it works !
I have just forgiven to put reshade framework first ^^

10 Nov 05:38 CET

Fix incoming, i know why

10 Nov 05:32 CET

Thank you for your preset and for the pictures.

It's looks great !!

But it doesn't work for me...I put your files where the"exe" is and I have this mesage :

E:\steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\ReShade.fx(145, 45): error X3004: undeclared identifier 'VK_DELETE'
E:\steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\ReShade.fx(145, 54): error X3000: syntax error: unexpected ';', expected '{'

10 Nov 04:56 CET

keyciraptor > It's happening :D

10 Nov 04:48 CET

pics or it didnt happen...

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