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Just Enhanced Preset

Preset for Just Cause 3
Created by Razed
Added Dec. 1, 2015
Updated 7 Dec 02:50 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Just Enhanced: This Just Cause 3 preset will enhance your game visuals by adding new post-processing effects such as Ambient Light, along with slight Bloom and Chromatic Abberation. The game world will feel richer by becoming more vibrant, sharper and overall better looking than the vanilla game. Just Enhanced Preset does not go overboard on any particular setting. At the time of writing this, I have personally spent over 45 hours playing a pre-release copy of Just Cause 3 for PC and analyzed every weather condition and time cycle in order to make this preset feel proper. Just Enhanced Preset was created using the ReShade Framework from http://reshade.me Please take the time to read the EULA included in the download. ___________________________________ DOWNLOAD LINKS: https://goo.gl/dmstwn - Main Version https://goo.gl/Ct4adI - Alternative Version (High FPS, No Ambient Light) NOTE: This preset will cause a drop in framerate due to the Ambient Light effect. If you wish to remove that effect and gain FPS then download the alternative version instead. ___________________________________ INSTALLATION For new users: • Place all the files from the 'Just Enhanced Preset' folder to your root Just Cause 3 game directory. This should be located at:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Just Cause 3" • Run the game normally through the launcher and it should load with your new ReShade/SweetFX Preset. ___________________________________ FEATURES: - LEVELS - AMBIENT LIGHT - SMAA - CA - LUMASHARPEN - LIFTGAMMAGAIN - VIBRANCE - CURVES - SERPIA - DITHER - BLOOM ___________________________________ More screenshots coming soon.
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Download Links: https://goo.gl/dmstwn - Main Version https://goo.gl/Ct4adI - Alternative Version (High FPS, No Ambient Light)


18 Nov 19:11 CET

Great preset.

18 Nov 19:11 CET

As long as you have a good RIG and DISABLE VSYNC you can run the "Main Version" as well as max out the game and stay well above 60fps.

17 Nov 20:49 CET

Yep, Alt does not work.

19 Dec 21:54 CET

Very nice but 10-20 FPS drop, the alternative doesn't work :/

5 Dec 04:27 CET

Alternative version doesnt work, is always failing in the game :(

2 Dec 00:28 CET

@Tsyr - Glad you liked it. I wanted SMAA to work with the in-game SMAA. I tested ReShade's FXAA with in-game SMAA and it made things look worse but the current settings looked like an improvement to me.

1 Dec 23:30 CET

Thanks for the ready-to-go package. I'm only really familiar with SweetFX 1.4/5...so this helped.

1 Dec 22:34 CET

Really enjoying the setting, but I was wondering if you intended Reshade's SMAA to work in conjunction with the game's or in lieu of it.

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