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Aro's Chivalry ReShaded

Created by Aro
Added Jan. 24, 2016
Updated 24 Jan 17:11 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Just a graphical touch up on the game. The graphics seemed a little washed out and boring, so I took it into my own hands to update the colours and effects a little. I would have done more, but since it's an online game, I had no access to the Depth Buffer. Oh well. We will miss you, ambient occlusion and static DOF (No I was not going to use pseudo-DOF, that stuff is for Agatha pussies) This preset was made on a 64-bit version of Chivalry, so I had it installed in the win64 binary folder, but I'm almost 100% sure it will work just fine on the 32-bit, just make sure that ReShade is installed in the win32 binary folder instead. ---HOW TO INSTALL--- Download the preset here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/s0dgs1ggg3evms1/Aro_-_Chivalry_ReShaded.zip Then go to the game folder, go to binaries, win64 (or win32, if you installed ReShade on the 32-bit version of Chivalry), ReShade, PersonalFiles, Presets, and extract the .zip into the presets folder alongside your other presets, if applicable. Scroll lock will toggle the preset on and off, and included in the zip are some instructions on how to get your game to look like the screenshots, provided your PC can handle the settings. (which it should, seen as you're here, trying to make your game look even better. :/) AND ONE FINAL THING. Unfortunately, I am colourblind, suffering from deuteranopia, so the colours may appear somewhat off to some people. To me they look lovely and full, but to those who are not colourblind, it COULD be a little strange. It's a possibility. If so, I would be EXTREMELY grateful if someone were to provide a version with tweaked colours for the non-colourblind masses that I could include in the preset, but hey, if it looks fine, then great! Enjoy. Show those Agatha wussies who's the boss with glorious ReShade.
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Download the ReShade Framework preset from the link in the description instead dummy


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