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617 version 1 BnS

Preset for Blade & Soul
Created by ItsHectic
Added Jan. 25, 2016
Updated 29 Jan 03:42 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
SMAA (Color edge detection) Curves (Increased contrast slightly for luma only) Tonemap (Reduce exposure slightly to tone down default bloom) Levels (Removed crushed whites aka clipping) LumaSharpen (Default, not overdone but noticeable) HBAO (Heavy but fine tuned) pretty sure the game runs only SSAO standard. Guassian blur (For more much needed AA and a less digitalized look) Emboss (Very slight, for bump mapping) Lift gamma (Took some blue out of the shadows, some red out of the highlights and some green from the mid tones for a more natural look although some is still retained as this is usually desired) Toggles: Scroll lock SweetFX Numbpad * HBAO Numbpad - Gaussian blur Installation: Have AA Disabled in game and graphics card control panel (for SweetFX) Leave Ambient Occlusions ON in game even if you use this HBAO (see gallery) Install reshade framework, use mediator to select client.exe in the BNS folder and select update. Overwrite the files in the BnS/bin/ReShade folder with mine
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1 Feb 11:38 CET

https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/screenshot/35690/full/ Screenshot of this preset I took

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