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Kenny's preset

Created by kennybones
Added April 20, 2016
Updated 22 Apr 23:00 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Contains a few subtle effects to even out the differences between 3d objects and prerendered backgrounds, without loosing too much sharpness to the 3d objects. This is added: - Small amount of paint effect - Small amount of bloom added - No scanlines - Black border to cover up the ugly one I experimented with a lot of effects, such as HQ4X, but only found it to be inconsistent. So, until somebody creates a waifu2x filter, or manages to extract the source files from the assets, this is about as good as it gets right now. Click to see the images in full size. If not, it'll look like they're just brighter. Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2MRzBBzIPsfWGJNdGlNOXF6UEk/view?usp=sharing Installation: Throw the contents into the x64 folder (atleast to me), start the game, profit
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17 Feb 05:35 CET

Nvm, still hate this preset and all the other FF9 Presets that this site has to offer. Going to use one's from other games. ^^

17 Feb 05:19 CET

EDIT: I fixed the black bar problem.. Apologies. Now this preset is going to be heaven.

How to remove the black bars?
I'll tell you.

1. -> Visit Final Fantasy XI\x64\Reshade

2. -> Open BasicFX textfile

3. -> Scroll down to ///**Magnify**///

4. Make sure it says this.
#define USE_Magnify 1 //[Magnify] //-

(change that 0 to a 1 !! )

5. If you're using a 1920x1080 resolution, it should look like this.

//>Magnify Shader Settings<\\
#define magnifyStartPixelWidth 100 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyStartPixelHeight 0 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelWidth 1820 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelHeight 1080 //[undef] //-
#define Magnify_ToggleKey RFX_ToggleKey //[undef] //-Toggles the magnify shader

If you dont have 1920, simply subtract 100 from what you do have and it'll work. Best of luck to your adventure lads! No answers for this online, but if you're seeking the answer - here it is! :"D

17 Feb 04:50 CET

Gorgeous preset, however, I cannot stand the atrocious black bars - that your preset is forcing into my game. I've looked all over online, for ways to edit these files and remove the black borders you added onto the sides.

If you're looking to mod FF9 and enjoy an experience, go elsewhere. These black bars block away dialogue, hide elements of the game - its severely annoying and it PlSSES me off that I cannot fix it. God damnit Kenny.

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