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Created by phroZac
Added May 24, 2016
Updated 24 May 19:37 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
This preset is designed to enhance the grim atmosphere of Total War: WARHAMMER. Among the effects used are: Levels, LiftGammaGain, Tonemap, subtle Filmgrain, Tuningpalette, Ambient Light, and Gaussian Anamflare. LUT by L00ping. INSTALLATION: 1. Download IMPERATOR FX v0.1 at: https://mega.nz/#!lYMFRYyY!h1U5irLSiLMxlKqOPkje3URuTlNlSBG8wUk09ePgX3E 2. Extract the contents of the archive anywhere and then from inside the "IMPERATOR FX" folder, copy all files into your "Total War WARHAMMER" game folder(where Warhammer.exe lives)normally located at: ...\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER. That's it! When you start the game you should see the ReShade text pop up in the upper left. Feel free to ask me any questions about how to customize the preset in the comments. :) RECOMMENDED SETTINGS: *turn off in-game vignette *Scroll Lock* toggles on/off the ReShade FX so you can see the difference
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4 Sep 13:38 CEST

i download this preset for my warhammer 2.. and looks cinematic for me

30 Jun 00:23 CEST

WOW. Almost 7400 downloads...I must've done something right, haha! Glad so many people dig it. Has everyone moved over to the sequel?

27 Aug 15:24 CEST

Hi phroZac, I come here to tell you a good thing for your work)
And also to ask if you know the correct values to set the Depth Of Field in the McFX.cfg of the ReShade folder. I tried it but I'm nil to shit. Thanks in advance bud
Take care)

20 Aug 04:33 CEST

Hey thx it works !
I have rennamed the .dll file to D3D11 it works perfekt after this .
Thx man

10 Aug 00:58 CEST

It doesn't work with dx12, maybe that's why its stopped working for some people which is a shame as I use dx12 which gives me a massive 20fps extra so there's no going back thanks anyway.

5 Aug 12:00 CEST

@eviltom - Did it work for you before?

It's possible you need to rename the .dll file to D3D11, D3D9, or dxgi. Try one of those.

31 Jul 00:33 CEST

i do that all stp by step 1. Download IMPERATOR FX v0.1 at: https://mega.nz/#!lYMFRYyY!h1U5irLSiLMxlKqOPkje3URuTlNlSBG8wUk09ePgX3E 2. Extract the contents of the archive anywhere and then from inside the "IMPERATOR FX" folder, copy all files into your "Total War WARHAMMER" game folder(where Warhammer.exe lives)normally located at: ...\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER. wenn i start the its crash again again.pls hlp thy .

31 Jul 00:09 CEST

it was running fine for 1 weak , wats hapend ?

31 Jul 00:08 CEST

i have a problem.
after a new instal from warhammer this game is crashed evry time after extract imperator fx. pls help

19 Jul 00:43 CEST

Thank you for the help, changing the .dll file helped out a lot and now I get to enjoy my favorite sweetfx mod.

14 Jul 20:30 CEST

Sorry for the late reply, guys! I haven't been doing much gaming lately.

@knives613 - It's possible you need to rename the .dll file to D3D11, D3D9, or dxgi. Try one of those.

@whatorthat - The blur around the edges is caused by the Fisheye CA and YACA. Turn those off by going into the ReShade folder and opening the McFX.cfg and CustomFX.cfg in notepad. Then look for:

#define USE_FISHEYE_CA 1 //[FishEyeCA] //-
#define USE_YACA 1 //[YACA] //-Yet Another Chromatic Aberration

...and change the 1's to 0

Viola! Crispness is restored. :)

@kennethfirth - All depends on your machine, my man! I have a 1080 ti and rock a solid 60 fps at 1440p. I'm not sure what this stats thing in the config menu you're talking about. I didn't play this game for much longer that it took to fine-tune this preset, haha.

@eviltom - Thank you!

10 Jul 12:58 CEST

hey thx for you work.

6 Jul 01:41 CEST

I love this preset but question how much does it cost on fps and or how to enter to the statistics in the configuration menu.

13 Jun 15:02 CEST

I love this preset, but I'm wondering if there's a way to remove the blur around the edges? Messes with the UI.

19 May 02:49 CEST

I have been having problems with getting this to work also. I followed all instructions but when I start the game up and click play on the launcher that game never starts.

18 May 22:25 CEST

@Jayson120 - You probably did something wrong, because it works fine for me. Make sure you don't have any leftover conflicting files from other presets.

9 May 20:34 CEST

FX doesn't work.

09/05/2017 20:30:32:643 [06136] | ERROR | Failed to compile effect on context 000000000AEC06C0:

E:\GRY\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER\dxgi.fx(51, 6): warning X5000: global variables are considered 'uniform' by default
E:\GRY\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER\dxgi.fx(90, 1): error X3000: syntax error: unexpected 'identifier'

20 Apr 22:14 CEST

Thanks :D you know how to keep the hype high ahah

19 Apr 22:26 CEST

Whysofurious2 - And thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it :)

19 Apr 22:25 CEST

Whysofurious2 - Ugh. I totally forgot. Been so busy. I'll update soooooon-ish. I learned some new ReShade tricks since I posted this I want to add to the preset.

17 Apr 10:09 CEST

Can't wait for the update! this preset is awesome even on low-end pc, thank you!

7 Apr 16:20 CEST

Dang guys! Over 4300 downloads! O__O

I need to reinstall to look into these recent problems. Besides, I want to update the preset. Don't worry, I'll leave the old version up in case everyone hates the newer version. Should be up sometime this weekend.

3 Apr 07:24 CEST

When I removed all of the reshade files from the directory... the game goes back to saving my "preset" graphics settings... SOOO anyone know why this is? Simple things like Camera Speed get reset EVERY TIME when using this preset... what gives?

3 Apr 06:48 CEST

So... I installed this preset, totally love it !!! Thank you... however after installing it... the game no longer saves my "graphics" options for the game. Anyone else ever have this issue?

I don't know how to resolve this. I thought maybe this reshade loads the "preset" graphics options too... but I can't seem to find that. So not sure if it's my game that's bugged... or this preset that's causing it.

Any comments would be much appreciated.

31 Mar 21:08 CEST

Hey man I seem to be having a problem with getting this to work.
I used to have it up and running while back but after an update for Warhammer I was forced to reinstall my game and doing so I deleted the mod and never got around back to installing it till now.
I followed the instructions you have up but the will not make it passed the launcher and when I delete the mods the game works fine.

29 Sep 12:24 CEST

@GoogleMeBrah - Whatever works for you, man! I uninstalled this game some time ago. My settings in the screenshots were default.

29 Sep 03:47 CEST

What brightness/gamma settings would you recommend when using this preset?

16 Jul 02:01 CEST

Yes no problem, you are already on the credits into the version that I shared with my friends. ;)

13 Jul 16:18 CEST

@Myloween - Of course! Thanks for asking. Your screens look great. Feel free to use my settings as a base for your own. It'd be nice to get a mention tho ;)

@hansko94 - Sorry man, I have no idea why this is happening for you. I've had no problems with it. Hopefully, you've figured it out?

12 Jul 18:56 CEST

Hey, can I upload my Reshade here, it's very partially based on your preset, some screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/s344Y

Sorry to post here, but I didn't found how PM you, if you want to look my preset in details I can give you a link to download it.
I love your preset but I was looking for something more like vanilla.

Thank you very much for your reply. ;)

2 Jul 05:20 CEST

hi phroZac, thanks for this awesome mod!!
But i wanna know y i couldnt get it to run in fullscreen mode? It will cause blackscreen then crash. Help!!

24 May 19:29 CEST

Haha. It's basically my Revenant ReShade preset. Tweaks the colors a little, adds subtle filmgrain, vignette, and YACA to enhance the focal point(center screen). No added AA.

24 May 19:25 CEST

My like your style! I neadz more screanz for the prezet or my guyz deca...decapita... waaagh! or we just kill you!

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