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Aro's Chivalry ReShaded v1.1

Created by Aro
Added June 20, 2016
Updated 22 Jun 00:15 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
My first preset I feel was good enough, but the second time, I wanted to see how far I could push ReShade with this game. I wanted to redesign Chivalry's lighting system with nothing but reshade. Obviously I can't REALLY remake Chivalry's lighting, but I believe the tweaks and shaders I have added to this preset all come together to provide a modern, cold and pretty look and feel to the game. (The lighting of Unreal Engine 4 was a big inspiration and guide to me, alongside, of course, my own judgement and creativity.) I could have done more, had I access to the game's depth buffer, but alas, it is an online game, and ReShade doesn't allow the depth buffer to be used online, as it could lead to cheating. This was made on ReShade 2.0. To install, first download ReShade 2.0 from the main website, and open "Reshade Assistant". Using Assistant, create a profile for Chivalry, by opening the "Profiles" tab, clicking the plus icon at the top, locating the Chivalry executable in Steam>steamapps>common>chivalrymedievalwarfare>Binaries>Win64(or Win32 for 32-bit), then selecting CMW.exe. Then, you want to select "d3d9" out of the list that follows, and confirm. Then you can download the preset at (http://www.mediafire.com/download/tubhbuepqqlb2d0/Aros_Chivalry_Reshaded_v1_1.zip) and move it to ReShade>Presets. If ReShade Assistant doesn't pick up the preset, simply restart the program. If that still doesn't work, ask someone else. :P Enjoy your new look, and if you have any questions or problems, you can contact me on Steam at (http://steamcommunity.com/id/literallyfurrytrash/).
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You're in the wrong place, m'lord! Get your preset at (http://www.mediafire.com/download/tubhbuepqqlb2d0/Aros_Chivalry_Reshaded_v1_1.zip)!


21 Jun 16:18 CEST

Amazing preset thx you

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