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•Minimalist Blur & Color Correction Fix

Preset for Mafia III
Created by Jaxim
Added Oct. 8, 2016
Updated 13 Oct 13:23 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
INS = ON/OFF UPDATE 5 - 10/12/16 Version 1.4 - FINAL - Tweaked some values for SMAA and added a slight new effect for more image clarity. I'm quite happy with how it looks now. I feel like I've done what I set out to do, which was change as little as possible while fixing the ugly blur and dull colors. Hopefully those of you looking for something more simple & true to the original aesthetic will enjoy this. This will be the final update. I'd recommend checking out Nyclix's incredible looking preset if you want more substantial changes. UPDATE 4 - 10/9/16 - Updated the mediafire link for those who use it. It wasn't showing any downloads before, and since I didn't think it was being used I neglected updating it. Now that I know, I won't make that mistake again. Anyone who downloaded the INI through mediafire should download it again to update to the latest version. UPDATE 3 - 10/9/16 - Version 1.3 - Fixed a problem in v1.1 & v1.2 where an extra sharpening technique would sometimes turn on, over-exaggerating the effect. What I was seeing was not always what you should have been seeing. The preset on the site didn't save properly either. I also updated some of the sharpening values. You should now notice a relatively significant increase in fidelity. The most recent three screenshots reflect this change. UPDATE 2 - 10/9/16 - Version 1.2 - Improved the lighting & color correction, and toned down the sharpening to a level that's closer to neutral and much more natural looking. Sharpening is just one of those settings that will vary greatly in preference from person to person. I detail down below in the comments how it edit it yourself, it's very easy. That way you can each tune it to match your individual tastes if you're so inclined. UPDATE - 10/8/16 - Version 1.1 - Tweaked some numbers for improved graphical fidelity.
I now recommend turning AA to MEDIUM or HIGH with this preset. Most people, including myself, have been saying to set it to low. However, after further testing, it seems like medium is the ideal setting for use with my preset. Low doesn't reduce the blur any further, but it does add some noticeable jaggies. I think you'll agree. The high setting has issues when toggling the preset on/off.
Personally, I didn't really like any of the other presets. I felt like they changed too much, were usually way over saturated, and took too much away from the tone & feel that the game is going for. I created this for myself, but I thought some of you might like it as well. I feel like I've managed to stay true to the aesthetic while removing all of the blur and bringing the colors to life a bit. It's just barely enough to notice, but it looks much more natural. The effects are more noticeable in-game. Techniques - LumaSharpen, SMAA, Vibrance, Levels, Clarity Step 1: Download Reshade 3.0.1 from the official site here: http://reshade.me/ Step 2: Open the installer, click select game and navigate to the mafia3.exe in your main game directory (...\steamapps\common\Mafia III\). Select Direct3D 10+ and download the effects package when it asks. Step 3: Download my ini from here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wwjx25i5hmsgmpw/Jaxim.ini - OR - download it from below and open it in notepad, click file > save as, then rename it to Jaxim.ini and click save. This will create the ini file you need. Put Jaxim.ini in your main game directory. Step 4: Start your game. Once you're in, hit Shift+F2 to open the Reshade UI. It'll walk you through few basic features. Click this button http://i.imgur.com/f1gRDDA.png and type in Jaxim.ini. (If done correctly you'll see this http://i.imgur.com/cVoYzLZ.png) Step 5: Enjoy a much, much better looking game while staying true to the intended aesthetic. I will continue to tweak and update this as time goes on. If anyone has any suggestions or comments please feel free to let me know down below.
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KeyAdaptiveSharpen=0,0,0,0 KeyBloomAndLensFlares=0,0,0,0 KeyLumaSharpen=45,0,0,0 KeyDaltonize=0,0,0,0 KeyAmbientLight=0,0,0,0 KeyGP65CJ042DOF=0,0,0,0 KeyDeband=0,0,0,0 KeyClarity=45,0,0,0 KeyCartoon=0,0,0,0 KeyBorder=0,0,0,0 KeyTonemap=0,0,0,0 KeyColorMatrix=0,0,0,0 KeySMAA=45,0,0,0 KeyTechnicolor2=0,0,0,0 KeyYACA=0,0,0,0 KeyColourfulness=0,0,0,0 KeyAdvancedCRT=0,0,0,0 KeyCurves=0,0,0,0 KeyRingDOF=0,0,0,0 KeyMagicDOF=0,0,0,0 KeyMatsoDOF=0,0,0,0 KeyFilmGrain=0,0,0,0 KeyMXAO=0,0,0,0 KeyMartyMcFlyDOF=0,0,0,0 KeyEmphasize=0,0,0,0 KeyFilmicPass=0,0,0,0 KeyFXAA=0,0,0,0 KeyGaussianBlur=0,0,0,0 KeyVibrance=45,0,0,0 KeyGoldenRatio=0,0,0,0 KeyHighPassSharp=0,0,0,0 KeyLevels=45,0,0,0 KeyHQ4X=0,0,0,0 KeyLiftGammaGain=0,0,0,0 KeyLightDoF_AutoFocus=0,0,0,0 KeyLightDoF_Far=0,0,0,0 KeyLightDoF_Near=0,0,0,0 KeyTechnicolor=0,0,0,0 KeyMonochrome=0,0,0,0 KeyReflectiveBumpmapping=0,0,0,0 KeySurfaceBlur=0,0,0,0 KeyTiltShift=0,0,0,0 KeyVignette=0,0,0,0 Techniques=LumaSharpen,SMAA,Vibrance,Levels,Clarity KeyHDR_Tech=0,0,0,0 [Border.fx] border_width=0.000000,1.000000 border_ratio=2.350000 border_color=0.700000,0.000000,0.000000 [Clarity.fx] ClarityRadius=3.000000 ClarityBlendMode=0.000000 ClarityOffset=2.500000 ClarityDarkIntensity=0.400000 ClarityBlendIfDark=50.000000 ClarityBlendIfLight=205.000000 ClarityViewBlendIfMask=0.000000 ClarityStrength=0.800000 ClarityLightIntensity=0.000000 ClarityViewMask=0.000000 [HQ4X.fx] s=1.500000 k=-1.100000 mx=1.000000 max_w=0.750000 min_w=0.030000 lum_add=0.330000 [AdaptiveSharpen.fx] curve_height=0.400000 L_compr_low=0.169000 D_compr_low=0.253000 curveslope=0.400000 L_overshoot=0.003000 D_overshoot=0.009000 L_compr_high=0.337000 D_compr_high=0.504000 max_scale_lim=0.100000 pm_p=0.750000 [AmbientLight.fx] alDebug=0.000000 alAdaptBaseMult=1.000000 alInt=10.150000 AL_DirtTex=0.000000 alThreshold=15.000000 AL_Adaptation=1.000000 alAdapt=0.700000 AL_Dirt=1.000000 alAdaptBaseBlackLvL=2.000000 alLensThresh=0.500000 AL_Vibrance=0.000000 AL_Adaptive=0.000000 alDirtInt=1.000000 alDirtOVInt=1.000000 alLensInt=2.000000 AL_Lens=0.000000 [CRT.fx] Resolution=1.150000 Gamma=2.400000 Brightness=0.900000 Curvature=0.000000 MonitorGamma=2.200000 ScanlineIntensity=2.000000 ScanlineGaussian=1.000000 CornerSize=0.010000 CurvatureRadius=1.500000 ViewerDistance=2.000000 Angle=0.000000,0.000000 Overscan=1.010000 Oversample=1.000000 [Bloom.fx] bGodrayEnable=0.000000 iBloomMixmode=2.000000 fBloomSaturation=0.800000 bAnamFlareEnable=0.000000 fBloomThreshold=0.800000 fBloomAmount=0.800000 fLensdirtSaturation=2.000000 fBloomTint=0.700000,0.800000,1.000000 fLensdirtIntensity=0.400000 bLensdirtEnable=0.000000 fFlareLuminance=0.095000 iLensdirtMixmode=1.000000 fLensdirtTint=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 bLenzEnable=0.000000 fAnamFlareThreshold=0.900000 fAnamFlareWideness=2.400000 fAnamFlareAmount=14.500000 fAnamFlareCurve=1.200000 fAnamFlareColor=0.012000,0.313000,0.588000 fLenzIntensity=1.000000 fLenzThreshold=0.800000 bChapFlareEnable=0.000000 fChapFlareTreshold=0.900000 iChapFlareCount=15.000000 fChapFlareDispersal=0.250000 fChapFlareSize=0.450000 fFlareIntensity=2.070000 fChapFlareCA=0.000000,0.010000,0.020000 fChapFlareIntensity=100.000000 fGodrayDecay=0.990000 fGodrayExposure=1.000000 fGodrayWeight=1.250000 fGodrayDensity=1.000000 fGodrayThreshold=0.900000 iGodraySamples=128.000000 fFlareBlur=200.000000 fFlareTint=0.137000,0.216000,1.000000 [ColorMatrix.fx] ColorMatrix_Red=0.817000,0.183000,0.000000 ColorMatrix_Green=0.333000,0.667000,0.000000 ColorMatrix_Blue=0.000000,0.125000,0.875000 Strength=1.000000 [Cartoon.fx] Power=1.500000 EdgeSlope=1.500000 [CA.fx] ImageChromaHues=25.000000 ImageChromaCurve=1.000000 ImageChromaAmount=100.000000 [Colourfulness.fx] colourfulness=0.400000 lim_luma=0.700000 [Curves.fx] Mode=0.000000 Formula=4.000000 Contrast=0.650000 [SurfaceBlur.fx] BlurRadius=1.000000 BlurOffset=1.000000 BlurEdge=0.500000 BlurStrength=1.000000 [Daltonize.fx] Type=0.000000 [Deband.fx] Threshold=0.004000 Range=0.000000 Iterations=1.000000 Grain=0.006000 [DOF.fx] fADOF_ShapeCurvatureAmount=0.300000 DOF_AUTOFOCUS=1.000000 DOF_FARBLURCURVE=2.000000 DOF_MOUSEDRIVEN_AF=0.000000 fGPDOFBiasCurve=2.000000 DOF_FOCUSPOINT=0.500000,0.500000 fGPDOFChromaAmount=0.150000 DOF_INFINITEFOCUS=1.000000 DOF_MANUALFOCUSDEPTH=0.020000 DOF_FOCUSSAMPLES=6.000000 bADOF_ShapeApertureEnable=0.000000 DOF_NEARBLURCURVE=1.600000 DOF_FOCUSRADIUS=0.050000 fRingDOFFringe=0.500000 bGPDOFPolygonalBokeh=1.000000 fGPDOFBrightnessMultiplier=2.000000 DOF_BLURRADIUS=15.000000 iRingDOFSamples=6.000000 fADOF_BokehCurve=4.000000 iRingDOFRings=4.000000 fRingDOFThreshold=0.700000 fGPDOFBrightnessThreshold=0.500000 fRingDOFGain=27.000000 bADOF_ShapeCurvatureEnable=0.000000 fRingDOFBias=0.000000 iMagicDOFBlurQuality=8.000000 bADOF_ImageChromaEnable=0.000000 fMagicDOFColorCurve=4.000000 iGPDOFQuality=6.000000 iGPDOFPolygonCount=5.000000 fADOF_ShapeRotation=0.000000 fADOF_ShapeChromaAmount=0.125000 fGPDOFBias=10.000000 bMatsoDOFChromaEnable=1.000000 fADOF_SmootheningAmount=1.000000 fMatsoDOFChromaPow=1.400000 fMatsoDOFBokehCurve=8.000000 iMatsoDOFBokehQuality=2.000000 iADOF_ShapeQuality=17.000000 fMatsoDOFBokehAngle=0.000000 bADOF_RotAnimationEnable=0.000000 fADOF_RotAnimationSpeed=2.000000 fADOF_ShapeApertureAmount=0.010000 fADOF_ShapeWeightAmount=1.000000 bADOF_ShapeAnamorphEnable=0.000000 fADOF_ShapeAnamorphRatio=0.200000 bADOF_ShapeDistortEnable=0.000000 fADOF_ShapeDistortAmount=0.200000 fADOF_ShapeWeightCurve=4.000000 bADOF_ShapeChromaEnable=0.000000 bADOF_ShapeDiffusionEnable=0.000000 fADOF_ShapeDiffusionAmount=0.100000 bADOF_ShapeWeightEnable=0.000000 iADOF_ShapeChromaMode=3.000000 iADOF_ImageChromaHues=5.000000 fADOF_ImageChromaCurve=1.000000 fADOF_ImageChromaAmount=3.000000 [Emphasize.fx] ManualFocusDepth=0.026000 FocusRangeDepth=0.010000 FocusEdgeDepth=0.050000 BlendColor=0.000000,0.000000,0.000000 EffectFactor=0.900000 BlendFactor=0.000000 [FilmGrain.fx] Intensity=0.500000 Variance=0.400000 Mean=0.500000 SignalToNoiseRatio=6.000000 [FilmicPass.fx] Strength=0.850000 Linearization=0.500000 Fade=0.400000 Contrast=1.000000 Bleach=0.000000 Saturation=-0.150000 RedCurve=1.000000 GreenCurve=1.000000 BlueCurve=1.000000 BaseCurve=1.500000 BaseGamma=1.000000 EffectGamma=0.650000 EffectGammaR=1.000000 EffectGammaG=1.000000 EffectGammaB=1.000000 LumCoeff=0.212656,0.715158,0.072186 [FXAA.fx] Subpix=0.250000 EdgeThreshold=0.125000 EdgeThresholdMin=0.000000 [GaussianBlur.fx] GaussianBlurRadius=1.000000 GaussianBlurOffset=1.000000 GaussianBlurStrength=0.300000 [GoldenRatio.fx] Opacity=0.300000 ResizeMode=1.000000 [SMAA.fx] EdgeDetectionType=2.000000 EdgeDetectionThreshold=0.020000 MaxSearchSteps=300.000000 MaxSearchStepsDiagonal=300.000000 CornerRounding=2.000000 DebugOutput=0.000000 [HighPassSharpen.fx] HighPassSharpRadius=1.000000 HighPassSharpOffset=1.000000 HighPassViewBlendIfMask=0.000000 HighPassBlendIfDark=0.000000 HighPassBlendMode=1.000000 HighPassBlendIfLight=255.000000 HighPassSharpStrength=0.400000 HighPassDarkIntensity=1.000000 HighPassLightIntensity=1.000000 HighPassViewSharpMask=0.000000 [Levels.fx] BlackPoint=3.000000 WhitePoint=235.000000 HighlightClipping=0.000000 [LiftGammaGain.fx] RGB_Lift=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 RGB_Gamma=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 RGB_Gain=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 [TiltShift.fx] Line=0.000000 BlurMultiplier=10.000000 Axis=0.000000 Offset=0.000000 BlurCurve=1.000000 [LightDoF.fx] fLightDoF_Width=5.000000 fLightDoF_Amount=10.000000 f2LightDoF_CA=0.000000,1.000000 f2Bokeh_AutoFocusCenter=0.500000,0.500000 bLightDoF_UseCA=0.000000 bLightDoF_AutoFocus=1.000000 fLightDoF_AutoFocusSpeed=0.100000 bLightDoF_UseMouseFocus=0.000000 fLightDoF_ManualFocus=0.000000 [MXAO.fx] fMXAOAmbientOcclusionAmount=2.000000 bMXAOIndirectLightingEnable=0.000000 fMXAOIndirectLightingAmount=4.000000 fMXAONormalBias=0.800000 fMXAOIndirectLightingSaturation=1.000000 iMXAOSampleCount=32.000000 fMXAOSampleRadius=2.500000 bMXAOSmartSamplingEnable=1.000000 fMXAOSampleRandomization=1.000000 bMXAOBackfaceCheckEnable=1.000000 bMXAODebugViewEnable=0.000000 fMXAOBlurSharpness=1.000000 fMXAOBlurSteps=3.000000 [LumaSharpen.fx] sharp_strength=3.400000 pattern=2.000000 sharp_clamp=0.035000 offset_bias=1.000000 show_sharpen=0.000000 [Monochrome.fx] Coefficients=0.210000,0.720000,0.070000 ColorSaturation=0.000000 [RBM.fx] fRBM_BlurWidthPixels=100.000000 iRBM_SampleCount=32.000000 fRBM_LowerThreshold=0.100000 fRBM_ReliefHeight=0.300000 fRBM_ColorMask_Orange=1.000000 fRBM_FresnelReflectance=0.300000 fRBM_FresnelMult=0.500000 fRBM_UpperThreshold=0.200000 fRBM_ColorMask_Red=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Yellow=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Green=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Cyan=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Blue=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Magenta=1.000000 [Technicolor.fx] Power=4.000000 RGBNegativeAmount=0.880000,0.880000,0.880000 Strength=0.400000 [Technicolor2.fx] ColorStrength=0.200000,0.200000,0.200000 Saturation=1.000000 Brightness=1.000000 Strength=1.000000 [Tonemap.fx] Gamma=1.000000 Bleach=0.000000 Defog=0.000000 Exposure=0.000000 Saturation=0.000000 FogColor=0.000000,0.000000,1.000000 [Vibrance.fx] Vibrance=0.100000 VibranceRGBBalance=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 [Vignette.fx] Type=0.000000 Ratio=1.000000 Center=0.500000,0.500000 Radius=2.000000 Amount=-1.000000 Slope=2.000000 [HDR.fx] HDRPower=1.300000 radius2=0.870000


16 Oct 03:49 CEST

@Wijkert I'm glad you like it, and no problem! The people who work on Reshade deserve the real praise. Anyone can do what I did.

16 Oct 03:48 CEST

Yeah, some kid was impersonating Nyclix. Just look for the I in his name instead of the l. It's pretty obvious.

14 Oct 20:12 CEST

Very nice update and btw is there 2 Nyclix?
1 of them keep posting on my page lol.
I don't see the point on such a horrible game tbh...
Hopefully there are mod tools released so i can try fix this shame.

14 Oct 12:50 CEST

This was exactly the preset I was looking for. Thanks a lot for your work!

13 Oct 02:13 CEST

@i7 aka "NycIix" - Grow up, kid.

12 Oct 15:43 CEST

Thanks for the kind words man. It means a lot. Your preset is amazing and should definitely be the go to for most people in my opinion. I only barely know what I'm doing, lol. I just spent a ton of time tweaking numbers and messing with various effects until it looked kinda how I wanted. I think it turned out alright for my first try :) And yeah, I can't understand the mindset of someone who would try and pass off someone else's preset as their own. What's the point? What do they even gain? Anyway, keep killing it man. You do great work.

12 Oct 08:05 CEST

Nice work man. Keep up the good work. Also good to have alternative presets available. Thanks for not stealing my preset like others have here :)

9 Oct 22:24 CEST

@MarvelousDream No problem! I hope you like it :) Let me know what you think, and if I was actually able to maintain the original aesthetic. If you happened to download the INI through mediafire, you should re-download it for the latest version.

9 Oct 21:30 CEST

"while staying true to the intended aesthetic." Couldn't of said it any better. It's supposed to have that late 60's feel. Thanks for the file!

9 Oct 19:05 CEST

I actually just realized that somehow and extra sharpening technique got turned on which was causing the effect to look overly intense. Thanks for pointing that out or I may have not noticed!

9 Oct 18:18 CEST

@Armageddon Thanks! Yeah I was actually thinking that too. Keep in mind, it does look a bit more harsh in the images compared to in-game. Still, I may have overdone it a tad on the sharpening with v1.1. I tweaked the clamp a bit which helped a lot. I also turned the strength down a bit from 1.5 to 1.25. I feel like it's closer to being neutral now. Somewhere between 1 and 1.5 strength will be the sweet spot for most people. It just one of those things that will vary a lot from person to person.

So, you can edit the INI directly. Just open Jaxim.ini in notepad. Hit Ctrl+F and search for "sharp_str". It should take you to the second option under LumaSharpen.fx. This is what you want to tune.

If you Shift+F2 to open the Reshade UI in-game you'll see all of the options & presets here http://i.imgur.com/Em4YR5A.jpg - that way you can edit it and see the changes in real time. It makes it easier to find what looks best to you.

Best of luck! I'm glad you like it. Also, I added a screenshot of the new version in the same area you mentioned earlier. Let me know if you think that's better. I had to get closer to the garage wall because it was night time.

9 Oct 09:31 CEST

Ok this seems exactly what i am looking,it looks great! but i was wondering the the sharpening can be toned downedjust a little bit, i have not tried it yet but on the 4th image where clay is there seems to be a lot of noise on the walls and floors, i would like to reduce that by maybe 10-15%, how can i do that, wich lines should i edit?

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