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grimjimslim Improver

Preset for Mafia III
Created by grimjimslim
Added Oct. 13, 2016
Updated 13 Oct 16:03 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
grimjimslim's Improver for Mafia III My 'Improver' preset is a four-in-one preset that uses 9 shaders spread across four numpad hotkeys. Why use this preset? My preset is a little different. But that's because Mafia III, is a little "different". As I was creating a preset, I found myself constantly changing it based on what time of day it was and whether I was inside or outside. After doing this a dozen times, I realised there was a better way. The idea is to hit the hotkeys to turn off different aspects of the preset where needed. Sometimes you may only want contrast, other times you might want to add a little colour, or maybe a lot of colour! The four hotkeys let you do this. My preset uses the HDR Shader Currently, ReShade 3 does not include the HDR Shader. So I put it in mine. This means you need to download my .7zip file to get preset. "You said something about hotkeys?" Yes, there are four hotkeys you will use to toggle the different Shader groups as and when you see fit. Please open the readme.txt file to learn the Hotkeys. VIEW MY PRETTY IMGUR ALBUM It has more examples than what you're seeing here: http://imgur.com/a/7CyUI/
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The preset includes the missing HDR Shader, which is needed to make the preset work. Download the preset here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2twjfxoyz6b1ndn/grimjimslim_Improver_for_Mafia_III.7z


16 Oct 05:59 CEST

reshade 3.0 cause me error 0*c0000142 error

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