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͡° ͜ʖ ͡° Unreal Dark Souls 3 Preset

Preset for Dark Souls 3
Created by piterrrxd
Added Oct. 22, 2016
Updated 30 Mar 01:00 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Reshade framework by Crosire. Download link: Darker 1080p version: http://www11.zippyshare.com/v/qTfFCkoE/file.html Darker 4k version: http://www96.zippyshare.com/v/hOrDkvRO/file.html Less contrast, brighter 4k version: http://www73.zippyshare.com/v/9z4Lu4u5/file.html Brighter 4k version: http://www71.zippyshare.com/v/kHznduHu/file.html Extract package to "Dark Souls III\Game". ScrollLock key - toggle effect.
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/*----------------------------. | :: Description :: | '-----------------------------/ Game: Dark Souls III Author: piterrrxd /*----------------------------. | :: ReShade Framework :: | '----------------------------*/ // Keycode aliases #include "ReShade\Common\KeyCodes.h" // Global configuration #include "ReShade\Common_settings.cfg" // Shared resources and useful helpers #include "ReShade\Common\Util.h" #include EFFECT(CustomFX, Util) #include EFFECT(GemFX, Util) #include EFFECT(McFX, Util) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, Util) /*----------------------------. | :: Effect Ordering :: | '----------------------------*/ #include EFFECT(McFX, SSAO) #include EFFECT(McFX, DOF) #include EFFECT(CustomFX, TiltShift) #include EFFECT(GemFX, MotionBlur) #include EFFECT(GemFX, AdvMotionBlur) #include EFFECT(GemFX, MotionFocus) #include EFFECT(GemFX, Bloom) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, Shared) #include EFFECT(GemFX, AmbientLight) #include EFFECT(McFX, HeatHaze) //#include EFFECT(GemFX, AdvAmbientLight) //WIP #include EFFECT(CustomFX, TuningPalette) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, Ascii) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, Cartoon) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, LumaSharpen) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, SMAAWrap) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, Explosion) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, FXAAWrap) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, Bloom) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, HDR) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, CA) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, AdvancedCRT) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, PixelartCRT) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, LensDistortion) #include EFFECT(CustomFX, ColorCorrection) #include EFFECT(CustomFX, Cel) #include EFFECT(CustomFX, Gaussian) #include EFFECT(CustomFX, Custom) #include EFFECT(McFX, FishEyeCA) #include EFFECT(CustomFX, Gr8mmFilm) #include EFFECT(Common, UIMask) #include EFFECT(Common, Border) #include EFFECT(Common, SplitScreen) #include EFFECT(Common, DisplayDepth) #include EFFECT(SweetFX, Transition) #include EFFECT(Common, ToggleMessage)



7 May 16:45 CEST

Los enlaces no funcionan, alguna solución?

9 Dec 00:14 CET

Does this work with Reshade 4.0?

16 Oct 20:52 CEST

@lubuliciousVS i use darker 4k.

8 Oct 01:22 CEST

That presets ist just awesome, felt in love with it. but can u tell me which of these preset versions are u using in the screenshot ? please :) <3

greetings lubu

3 Apr 04:23 CEST

@piterrrxd Thanks for helping. I tried turning off MSI afterburner, turning shaders and lightning to low, and running as admin, which seemed to fix problems I've had with other reshade mods, but not this time. It only runs stable like once every 10 times I run DS3.

2 Apr 10:13 CEST

@helldog898 yes you must only unpack it to game folder. I will check how it works with the latest update.

1 Apr 13:42 CEST

Wow! This is the best reshade I've seen for DS3. Unfortunately I keep getting random crashes when I use it. Maybe I installed it wrong. All you're supposed to do is unpack the "darker 4k" version in your game folder right? I'm playing at 1440p. Maybe it's because of the new update? Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated. I really love this reshade and can't bear to play without it.

31 Dec 14:44 CET

I don't think so.

29 Dec 12:21 CET

Can be softban?

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