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☢ The Division -- FINAL Duplex™ ☢

Created by loneeagle9941
Added Dec. 27, 2016
Updated 6 Jan 17:31 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
☢Setting.ini text DOWNLOAD☢ https://www.mediafire.com/?gtp1ygsxmjm8193 [Installation tutorial provided below] ☢IMPORTANT☢ - Game MUST be rendered in DirectX 11 mode for ReShade to work. [Disable DX12 rendering from Video Settings if its enabled.] - Turn ON Neutral Lighting for target visual, turn Vignetting OFF in-game. ☢UPDATED☢ 6th Jan, 2017. Changes: - Upgraded to reshade 3.0.6 for better calibration handles and optimizations. - Massive overhaul of curves, tonemap, DPX and LiftGammaGain medians to boost maximum flush symmetry. - FilmicPass and HDR profiles removed and mimic'd through curves and bloom color shades to reduce performance hit but retain visual robustsness while increasing clarity. - All other effects min-maxed to provide clear, thorough visuals and reduce noise and blurred edges. - Medium performance hit, around 6-8fps. But if your card can handle the load, you won't regret it. **Screenshots updated after making final adjustments.** ☢UPDATED☢ 31st Dec, 2016. Changes: - Slight calibration of Filmgrain and Gaussian mean to balance between fidelity and clarity. - Lightly tweaked tonemapping for better merging with flush symmetry. - Screenshots updated after last update in place. Game appears a little brighter than the pictures. ☢UPDATED☢ 30th Dec, 2016. Changes: - Slight re-calibration of FilmGrain mean and intensity. - Refreshed file count and address description, thanks to "p0xus". ☢UPDATED☢ 29th Dec, 2016. Changes: - Slight calibration of tonemap and vibrance float values to boost overall flush symmetry. - Lift, gamma and gain values slightly altered alongside vignetting to accommodate more peripheral clarity. ☢Description☢ The Final Duplex Reshade is an overhauled, updated version of the Cinematic Duplex that bolsters color grain intensity by amplifying pixel signature density and energising lightning algorithm. - Contrast of cast lightning against neutral surfaces has been remastered through thoroughly deconstructed bloom medians and reinforced ambient lighting. - Distance sharpness, texture curvature and outline intensity has been furnished with custom tonemapping, curve, adaptive and high-pass sharpen. - Final color-correction through DPX & LiftGammaGain techniques implemented for delivering high-contrast cinematic visuals, complete with rebuffed film grain and slight vignetting as finishing touch. You can configure border settings to mimic cinemascope aspect ratio but by default it's turned off. Expected max fps hit : 6-8fps. Enjoy! And don't hesitate to comment on your experience. ☢INSTALLATION☢ - Download Reshade 3.0.6 installer from: https://reshade.me/#download - Run the downloaded exe, select the division exe from the game folder, click on "direct3d 10+" as rendering method [remember to turn off dx12 rendering from graphics settings in-game before installating], accept to download effects profile and wait till installation is finished. - Once you run the game, you'll see the dxgi activation message on top of the screen and will ask you to press Shift+F2 [default] to open Reshade overlay. - Create a profile through the tutorial and finish the tutorial. If you can't find the "Finish" button on the 4th step of the tutorial, switch to Settings tab of the overlay and change Performance mode to Configuration mode and go back to Home tab, you can hit Finish now. - Once the tutorial is over and profile is created, close the game. You'll see an ini file created in the bin folder of the game with the name of the profile you just created. Open that ini through a regular notepad, delete all the text in there, and simply paste ALL the text from the notepad that I provided for download on the top of the page. - Save, exit the notepad, run the game. **Tip: You can easily change the buttons for turning overlay and effects on/off [among other things] from the Settings tab of the overlay.** For in-game graphical optimisation, this here is a decently accurate tweak guide that you can follow: https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/43dkuf/graphics_optimization_guide_best_settings_for/ My in-game graphics settings are provided in the SETTINGS text on this page.
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Optimise your game by following this guide [if it hasn't yet been optimised well yet]: https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/43dkuf/graphics_optimization_guide_best_settings_for/ My in-game Graphics settings: V-sync mode | Off Frame rate limit | Off Shadow quality | High Shadow resolution | High Spot shadow count | High Spot shadow resolution | Ultra Contact shadows | All High Post FX AA | Off Temporal AA | Supersampling Resolution scale | 85% Sharpen image | 100% Particle detail | Ultra Enable wind-affected snow | Yes Volumetric fog | High Reflection quality | High Local Reflection quality | Very High Sub-surface scattering | Yes Anisotropic filtering | 16X Parallax mapping | High Ambient occlusion | NVIDIA HBAO+ Depth of field | High Object detail | 60% Extra streaming distance | 80% Chromatic aberration | Yes Neutral lighting | Yes Lens flare | Yes Vignette effect | No Don't forget: Nvidia control panel > Manage 3D settings > Program settings > Tom Clancey's The Division > Power Management Mode > Prefer maximum performance System : i7 6700K, GTX 1080, XL2411Z


6 Feb 17:34 CET

Hey, which settings would you prefer to get more fps? Now I have 47 fps.

6 Jan 16:09 CET

antary you're correct. the original version is performance heavy because of heavy adjustments to lightning and occlusion. i've tweaked the preset further, making it easier to harbor and gona upload that in a few hours.

4 Jan 13:53 CET

What about fps loses ? I tested few days ago, it was painfull. gtx 970

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