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by Asiil

Resident Evil 7 Enhanced Edition

Created by Myashi
Added March 16, 2017
Updated 22 Mar 04:32 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
INTRODUCTION RE7 Enhanced Edition is my personal preset, like all those i share. This preset main focues aim to correct the greeny lights, sharp the blur caused by anti aliasing and darken the shadows, for a much more immersive and scary experience. The core of this preset is a custom lut, with the addition of deband and clarity shaders. DESCRIPTION -> Details enhanced -> Nice balance of saturated and desaturated colors -> Performance friendly -> Lights corrected with a custom lut -> Enhanced shadows for an immerive experience I made it on my tastes, i hope you like it =) DOWNLOAD Link >> http://www.mediafire.com/file/q5n44j72x589fbf/RE7_Enhanced_Edition.zip INSTALLATION - Download ReShade 3.06 here >> https://reshade.me/ - Double click on ReShade.exe and find the game located here >> Steam\steamapps\common\RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard\re7.exe - When it asks for: " select rendering API ", select DX10+ - Say yes to the pop up and download the shaders ( leave everything checked if you don't know what to choose). - Download my preset and extract everything in the RE7 folder ( overwrite everything ). - Launch the game. Press shift + F2 and click on continue. Then from the dropdown menu of Reshade gui, select Enhanced Edition. - Click two times on continue and then on finish. - For last, go to the settings tab of Reshade and from the dropdown menu Usage Mode, select Performance Mode. - From the graphics settings set the AA on TAA and the REFLECTIONS on VARIABLE. Having trouble with the installation? Follow my step by step tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyuRkttAWJ4 That's it, enjoy your game =) DETAILS & INSTRUCTIONS * The preset is meant to work at 1080p. Is not tested on 2k or 4k. Feel free to try =) * I recommend to leave the in game gamma at default. * If you don't get the same look of mine, consider to lower the brightness and set the contrast of your monitor. * Keep update your gpu always with latest drivers. * If the game shouldn't start, turn off overlay softs like msi afterburner, evga precision and such ( included steam overlay ), before launching the game. PERFORMANCE I run the game on a 5820k processor ( stock ), paired with 16gb ram and a gtx 1060. The preset has mostly none fps loss on my system. When the game drops i get a minimum loss of 1-2 fps. A different matter is the stuttering and the pretty low performances, when you access to the courtyard. For those like me that are experiencing stuttering, I suggest to to set fast sync from your nvidia panel and turn off SHADOW CACHE and HBAO+ from game settings. 3GB owner's card, should lower the texture quality to HIGH, the shadow quality at HIGH and the resolution scaling at default (1). VIDEO Check my YT video of this preset. Link >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_HnoBVHFEo INFO Final version, no update needed.
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" welcome in the world of survival horror "


18 Mar 00:09 CET


that's why i used reshade 1.1 with my toher two preset. Cause is it outdated so, relesers got the temporary permission to share rar archives ready to go.

Btw i'm planning to add a video tutorial in every my release, to help everyone as much i can. Enjoy this awesome game.

18 Mar 00:06 CET


there are rules to follow. ReShade is not a software of my property. Crosire doesn't want us to post a rar archive that users could extract in the game folder nice and easy. If i and some other releaser ask you guys to follow this procedure it is cause we like to respect rules.

17 Mar 15:13 CET

Why not upload only necessary files to put in the game folder?

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