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sweetpeteFX - realistic colors

Created by sweetpete
Added Nov. 11, 2017
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
extra fine sharpening realistic colors etc. you should use the reshade shaders from the archive...because the new ones looks bad with the ini 1. install reshade without shaders 2. extract the archive to the gamefolder 3. replace gamepath ("drive:\yourgamefolder") in the dxgi.ini (open the notepad and use the replacefunction...ctrl+h) 4. done! ----- http://www.mediafire.com/file/p9fuoa92xga58ga/nioh_sweetpeteFX.zip -----
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22 Jan 07:42 CET

Working for me with Windows 10:
- Install ReShade from their site.
- Download the mediafire zip here and copy files to game directory.
- Change the dxgi file names to d3d9.
- Edit the sweetFX ini file, changing the paths from "drive/gamefolder" to the correct path, ex "G:/Games/Nioh".
- Launch the game, press Shift+F2 and select the preset from the drop down.

20 Nov 18:52 CET

Works fine with Reshade 3.1.0 (download all shaders) and dxgi on windows 10. Thanks bro ^^

12 Nov 10:14 CET

dxgi does not work for some people (windows 10?)

Use d3d9.dll.

11 Nov 19:57 CET

if u want...i can upload the 3.07...maybe it works with this dxgi.dll

11 Nov 18:32 CET

My version of reshade is 3.08 but it semms the games failed after launch and the game still crash ... Need a fix for dxgi ! it's not crashing with d3D9 but the preset doesnt work anyway ><

11 Nov 16:55 CET

hi...yes...replace the dxgi.ini...then use my dxgi.ini to replace the gamepath

i have reshade 3.07 setup.exe....it asks to download the shaders or not...

11 Nov 16:00 CET

Finaly undestand, just copy the way to find the game foler (for example : D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Nioh) but it still crashing the computer after launching ... :'(

How do u install reshade without shaders ?

11 Nov 15:44 CET

thanks for ur reshade mate and ur instructions but i have a problem ... It does crash my computer :§ Didn't understand the third step ? (just replace dxgi from ur archive in the game folder ?

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