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Created by loneeagle9941
Added Nov. 14, 2017
Updated 29 Nov 12:32 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
BADLANDS REWORK [2017] DOWNLOAD : https://www.mediafire.com/file/fc6gcjudumsda1u/BadlandRework.rar ORIGINAL PRESET - https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/5309/ [modder - phrozac] INSTALLATION NOTE: Download the preset file from the link on top. Extract. Paste extracted contents it in the game's exe directory. Replace any files prompted. Effects are ON by default. Effects can be toggled using ScrollLock button. IMPORTANT: Turn game's sharpness down completely to 0% [LumaSharpen is tuned to fully take care of sharepening] Turn off in-game Chromatic Aberration. Turn off DX-12 rendering. DESCRIPTION: Been trying out the reshade profiles over here for a while and found BADLANDS to be the best one there is, hands down. Specially the Anamflare.. <3 Unfortunately, the original Badland's not performance friendly. My fps would dip from 140 to 85-90 outside Base of Operations. Tried it on Last Stand and Dark Zone and the results are the same, and I'm running strix1080. So I decided to modify some numbers here and there to make it performance friendly and staple-weight for all power range. Ambient lighting and Chromatic Aberration techniques were eating up most of the fps so I had to get rid of those. The idea is to keep the actual BADLANDS unchanged as much as possible while keeping it performance friendly.
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18 Dec 21:33 CET

@loneeagle - Nah, I don't do any Youtube stuff or even much social media. I'm pretty scatterbrained as it is, I'd get overwhelmed with all the shit I'd have to juggle if I got into all that. I have some art blogs though. This is my Artstation :)


11 Dec 21:19 CET

phrozac!! would love to take your new take on division if you decide to revisit again. i suggest it to almost anyone who uses reshade. do you have a youtube handle or somewhere you regularly upload?

30 Nov 01:18 CET

Hah! I'm flattered. Yeah, Ganossa's Ambient Light is big hog, but I love the look, and I'm armed with an OC'd 1080 ti ;) I've learned a lot about ReShade though since I made Badland for Div that I should probably revisit it. I held off on moving to ReShade 3 because it was missing a lot of the shaders I use. Currently working on a preset for Crysis 3 and RAGE using ReShade 3 though, so I might be a total convert soon.

25 Nov 00:20 CET

antary i've re-uploaded the badland source file with the rework done inside. youre right, there's no other way to port the tuning pallet. try this new upload, it has the lens flares. disabled the AOs and CAs to keep it playable. thanks for checking it out

24 Nov 21:01 CET

man i wish they would integrate all the old effects from reshade 1 and 2 into 3.. so much of the good stuff left behind

24 Nov 20:53 CET

if it needs to look completely like the original badlands, you should be ready to sacrifice around 40% of your total fps, and that without the fisheye and guassian flare, like you said. that way the game is only possible to be played as a demo, not for pvp like last stand or incursions like clear sky. i've kept the tonemap and liftgammagain almost the same as the original. if you edit out the ambient light, chromatic aberration, bloom and godrays from the original, im pretty sure it'll look no different.

14 Nov 21:33 CET

If you fan of BADLANDS so you should understand by yourself this looks not even close to BADLANDS. Its cant be ported on reshade 3 properly cus reshade 3 not have FishEyeCA yet, and its ambientlight is not the same like 1.1 reshade. For i see on screens its just vanilla with removed blue tint. Will play with this preset to say more.

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