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Did I Ever Tell You? | Cinematic ReShade

Preset for Far Cry 5
Created by AssassinsDecree
Added March 30, 2018
Updated 2 Apr 04:28 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
WHAT IS THIS? This is my second cinematic reshade Far Cry 5. Like all my reshades, it has tons of optional features with hotkeys to turn off the parts you don't want, like the letterboxing (black borders), DoF, film grain and more. This preset changes the vanilla colors more than my other, for a more cinematic vibe. I like to update my reshades frequently with improvements, refinements and new features, so please check back for time-to-time. I hope you like it!
CRITICAL INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!! You must follow the steps in this Critical Instructions section after installing the reshade files from reshade.me. Instructions for installing the reshade files from reshade.me are below in the Installation section. 1) Once you've downloaded this, you MUST go to the in game Reshade "Settings" tab and make sure "RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_REVERSED=1", make sure "RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_LOGARITHMIC=1", AND make sure "RESHADE_DEPTH_LINEARIZATION_FAR_PLANE=10000.0" (without the quotes, of course) and then go back to the main "Home" reshade menu tab and click "reload" at the bottom of that reshade menu. Failure to do this will render your entire screen 100% blurry while Depth-of-Field (DoF) is on. 2) After installing this reshade, you need to go to the dropbox link below and download the "reshade-shaders" folder and copy-paste-overwrite the folder in your main Far Cry 5 folder, where the game's .exe files are: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5uk8loseqolx1ep/AAB9rlWqtClJSX4Jz-KgZPFHa?dl=0 3) Set your game's in-game contrast setting to 45, in the actual game's options-video-color menu. 4) If you finish the complete installation, including the steps in this Critical Instructions section, and things are still inexplicably and horribly blurry, it could be caused by TiltShift in some rare cases. Try disabling it. You can toggle it with 8 on the numberpad or in in-game reshade menu.
CRASHING FIXES AND TROUBLESHOOTING 1. For me, the game crashes if I use any form of ReShade or SweetFx in fullscreen mode. So you must enable borderless window mode to use ReShade if yours also crashes when trying to load the game with Reshade enabled. 2. Recently I've needed to rename my reshade files, "dxgi.ini" and "dxgi.dll" to "d3d11.ini" and "d3d11.dll", respectively, to get the game to stop crashing on launch. Also, you may need to use an older version of the ReShade 3.0 framework if you get an error message saying it can't recognize the file or whatever. Old versions are here, I recommended 3.1.1 or 3.0.8: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8ar1jhh1809cl/ReShade_Repository#bow1ko4203njp 3. I've tested and optimized this ReShade setting the game to ultra settings and changing the in-game contrast setting to 45, in the actual game's options-video-color menu. Tested on Ultra settings. 4. Someone recently reported that SLI+ReShade seems to crash their game. Disabling SLI fixed the issue for them.
IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE All the DoF effects you see are from the ReShade's DOF, not the one that come with the game's photo mode. So this DoF is active whenever you're actually playing the game, not just in screenshots. Bloom and Lens Flares: Adjust fBloomThreshold or the fBloomAmount up or down in very small increments (of about 10 or 20) until you are happy with how much bloom you want. Increasing fBloomThreshold the value will give less bloom, while increasing fBloomAmount will give you more bloom. To disable the lens flares from bright lightsources at night, like the torch or firebombs, look under the Bloom effect in the ReShade in-game menu and look for the setting "bAnamFlareEnable" and change it from on to off with the drop down menu. You can reduce the amount it effects button prompts by raising the value - manually type in a higher number under "bAnamFlarethreshold". I recommend raising the threshold value in increments of .001. At a total value of 1.0, the effect will never trigger. Brightness: If it is too dark lower the gamma setting in the in-game Reshade "Tonemap" setting in increments of 20. OR raise the "brightness" in the RehShade Technicolor 2 setting. DoF Quirks: To pull the DoF on far away out-of-focus areas closer to the player (and make it stronger), adjust DOF_FarBlurCurve up or down. Increasing the value will give less blur and push the DoF starting point further away. A quirk, DOF cuts off for me the majority of the time and does so seemingly because of UI elements appearing on screen. It should cut right back on once the UI elements go off screen, but it will never come back on after pausing the game or going to the map screen, etc., until I quit to the main menu and load back in. Oddly enough, dying doesn't cut it off for me. Never experienced an issue like this outside of this game, but it is configured for those lucky enough not to have the issues, which some people seem not to.
CONTROLS All of these are remappable once in game. (make sure numberpad is enabled or the controls won't work) -Toggle ReShade menu on-off - Shift+F2. -Toggle all ReShade effects - Scroll lock -Toggle depth-of-field (DOF) (bokeh, cinematic-style DoF, on by default) - 4 on numberpad -Toggle depth-of-field (DOF) (softer option, off by default) - / on numberpad -Toggle camera and lenz distortion (zoom and warping in corners of screen) & chromatic aberration (color bleeding on objects' edges) - 2 on numberpad -Toggle sharpness (off by default) - 5 on numberpad -Toggle film grain - 3 on numberpad -Black bars (letterbox) - 0 on numberpad -Bloom and lens effects - 6 on numberpad -Vignette (darkness around the corners) - * on numberpad -Ambient Light (Controls certain lens-dirt effects, disable the this to get a more vibrant and clear image) - . (Decimal point) on numberpad -Toggle TiltShift (blur towards the bottom and top of the screen) - 8 on numberpad -Clarity (off by default) - 7 on numberpad -Toggle GuassianBlur - 9 on numberpad I recommend opening the ReShade GUI's setting's menu and changing the following: Toggle ReShade on and off with the END key Toggle ReShade menu/gui with F4
INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Abridged Version of instructions: Download latest version of ReShade from here: https://reshade.me/ Run the .exe in admin mode and select FarCry5.exe in your Far Cry 5 main folder. (if installed to Steam's default location, can usually be found here: "... Steam\SteamApps\common\Far Cry 5\bin" or if you downloaded from uplay, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Far Cry 5\bin" Choose the DirectX 10+ version Say yes when it ask if you want to download a collection of shaders. Have these following shaders selected and deselect any of the effects not listed here: LiftGammaGain GuassianBlur AdaptiveSharpen Border Clarity FakeHDR Tonemap Technicolor2 FilmGrain DOF (depth of field) Bloom Vignette AmbientLight TiltShift Now download my preset here with the "download" button below. Rename that file "anythingyouwant.ini", the most important part is that the files name now ends ".ini" instead of ".txt" like it did when you downloaded it. Put that file in your game's main folder where you found FarCry5.exe and where your reshade-shaders folder should now also be installed. Recently I've needed to rename my reshade files, "dxgi.ini" and "dxgi.dll" to "d3d11.ini" and "d3d11.dll", respectively, to get the game to stop crashing on launch. Run your game and after you get a message in a grey box saying reshade effects have loaded, press Shift+F2 simultaneously to open the in-game ReShade GUI. Select the .ini file from that drop down menu. Toggle the effect with scroll-lock key. You can change these keys in the ReShade's settings menu. Click continue until the boxes go from red to gray/clear. Now follow the steps in the Critical Instructions section. Done. Your new ReShade should be making your game look fapping sexy by this point. [quote]Step-by-Step Instructions (same results as abridged, just, more methodically written out for those new to ReShades or modding): 1. Download the Reshade 3.0.8 (or latest version if different) from here https://reshade.me/ 2. Scroll to bottom of page and download whatever the latest version advertised is. Run the .exe that you just downloaded. Probably best to copy it to your desktop or somewhere first outside your downloads folder. Follow the steps it tells you selecting yes everything it asks. 2. Select your "FarCry5.exe" which is in the main folder of the game. 3. Select the DirectX 10+ version after you select the "FarCry5.exe" 4. Run your game, if it crashes on launch, then -- rename my reshade files, "dxgi.ini" and "dxgi.dll" to "d3d11.ini" and "d3d11.dll", respectively, to get the game to stop crashing on launch. Run your game again. As your game loads up, you should see a grey box popup in the top of the screen saying it's loading all the reshade effects. Once it's done, hit "shift+F2" and follow the promps. The most important thing is to hit the plus symbol next near the top of the Reshade GUI and type any name you want. Follow the other prompts until the boxes turn from red to black or grey or whatever indicates you're done with the very short tutorial. You can leave your game open or close it for this next step. 5. Go back to your game's main folder, where the "FarCry5.exe" is and look for that file you just created with whatever name you gave. It should be a .ini file. 6. Open the .ini file and replace all the text with the text from my preset on this page. Save the file. Run your game or alt tab back to it. And then do step 7 if you your game is still running. 7. Reopen the Reshade GUI with Shift+f2 and click the click "reload". The new effects should start loading with my custom settings. PROFIT!
UNINSTALLING 1. Delete the Reshade folder, dxgi.ini, dxgi.dll, and dxgi.log from your game folder. That's it. Enjoy, leave comments below if you're having trouble installing or better yet youtube a Resahde 3.0+ install guide. It's extremely easy. You may notice a slight decrease in performance, but it should still be pretty similar FPS to what you usually get. The visual difference is night and day to me and I can't ever go back to vanilla.
CONTACT -- Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for lets plays and demos of my upcoming and released ReShades: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn5KAZuLeVmeQLXSMJNBMcA -- -- Please follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/MercsAssassin --
MY MODS FOR OTHER GAMES Exhaustive List Here, constantly updating it as I make new ReShades: https://www.facebook.com/MercsAssassin/
ps: I'm TheMercsAssassin on most other websites, including youtube, twitter and the nexus. Hence, the Merc thing. ps+: Do not use any part of my ReShade in your own work. Make your own through hard work and lots of time, like I did, please. Thanks.
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KeyAdaptiveSharpen=101,0,0,0 KeyBloomAndLensFlares=102,0,0,0 KeyLumaSharpen=0,0,0,0 KeyNostalgia=0,0,0,0 KeyDaltonize=0,0,0,0 KeyAmbientLight=110,0,0,0 KeyGP65CJ042DOF=0,0,0,0 KeyDeband=0,0,0,0 KeyClarity=103,0,0,0 KeyCartoon=0,0,0,0 KeyBorder=96,0,0,0 KeyTonemap=0,0,0,0 KeyColourfulness=0,0,0,0 KeyCA=0,0,0,0 KeyMode3=0,0,0,0 KeyHSV_Tech=0,0,0,0 KeyColorMatrix=0,0,0,0 KeySMAA=0,0,0,0 KeyTechnicolor2=0,0,0,0 KeyAdvancedCRT=0,0,0,0 KeyCurves=0,0,0,0 KeyKNearestNeighbors=0,0,0,0 KeyNonLocalMeans=0,0,0,0 KeyRingDOF=0,0,0,0 KeyMagicDOF=0,0,0,0 KeyFilmicAnamorphSharpen=0,0,0,0 KeyMatsoDOF=111,0,0,0 KeyFilmGrain=99,0,0,0 KeyMXAO=0,0,0,0 KeyFilmGrain2=0,0,0,0 KeyMartyMcFlyDOF=100,0,0,0 KeyDPX=0,0,0,0 KeyEmphasize=0,0,0,0 KeyFilmicPass=0,0,0,0 KeyMode1=0,0,0,0 KeyMode2=0,0,0,0 KeyMotionBlur=0,0,0,0 KeyGrain_Tech=0,0,0,0 KeyFXAA=0,0,0,0 KeyGaussianBlur=105,0,0,0 KeyHDR=0,0,0,0 KeyVibrance=0,0,0,0 KeyLevels=0,0,0,0 KeyHighPassSharp=0,0,0,0 KeyHQ4X=0,0,0,0 KeyLiftGammaGain=0,0,0,0 KeyLightDoF_AutoFocus=97,0,0,0 KeyFISHEYE_CA_VERTICAL=0,0,0,0 KeyLightDoF_Far=97,0,0,0 KeyLightDoF_Near=97,0,0,0 KeyTechnicolor=0,0,0,0 KeyLUT=0,0,0,0 KeyMonochrome=0,0,0,0 KeyReflectiveBumpmapping=0,0,0,0 KeyTint=0,0,0,0 KeyTiltShift=104,0,0,0 KeySurfaceBlur=0,0,0,0 KeyVignette=106,0,0,0 Techniques=AmbientLight,BloomAndLensFlares,LiftGammaGain,HDR,Technicolor2,Tonemap,MartyMcFlyDOF,Vignette,FilmGrain,TiltShift,FISHEYE_CA_HORIZONTAL,Border,GaussianBlur KeyDepthHaze=0,0,0,0 KeyDisplayDepth=0,0,0,0 KeyMagicBloom=0,0,0,0 KeyAdaptiveFog=0,0,0,0 KeyUIMask_Top=0,0,0,0 KeyUIMask_Bottom=0,0,0,0 TechniqueSorting=AdaptiveSharpen,AmbientLight,BloomAndLensFlares,LiftGammaGain,HDR,Technicolor2,Tonemap,MatsoDOF,MartyMcFlyDOF,Clarity,Vignette,FilmGrain,TiltShift,FISHEYE_CA_HORIZONTAL,Border,Deband,Levels,FilmicPass,ColorMatrix,MagicDOF,RingDOF,GP65CJ042DOF,Vibrance,LightDoF_AutoFocus,LightDoF_Near,LightDoF_Far,KNearestNeighbors,DisplayDepth,DPX,EGAfilter,Emphasize,NonLocalMeans,Curves,Mode1,Mode2,Mode3,GaussianBlur,HighPassSharp,HQ4X,FilmGrain2,MotionBlur,LUT,AdvancedCRT,LumaSharpen,DepthHaze,MultiLUT,MXAO,Nightvision,Nostalgia,Monochrome,Tint,MagicBloom,Technicolor,Cartoon,Colourfulness,ReflectiveBumpmapping,UIMask_Top,UIMask_Bottom,Daltonize,SurfaceBlur,PerfectPerspective,FXAA,SMAA,GlitchB,ChromaticAberration,Chromakey,FilmicAnamorphSharpen,AdaptiveFog,LeiFx_Tech,CA,ASCII KeyASCII=0,0,0,0 KeyLeiFx_Tech=0,0,0,0 KeyEGAfilter=0,0,0,0 KeyCreateLUT=0,0,0,0 KeyMultiLUT=0,0,0,0 KeyNightvision=0,0,0,0 KeyGanossaMotionFocus=0,0,0,0 KeyFISHEYE_CA_HORIZONTAL=98,0,0,0 KeyPerfectPerspective=0,0,0,0 KeyGlitchB=0,0,0,0 KeyChromaticAberration=0,0,0,0 KeyChromakey=0,0,0,0 Effects=DOF.fx,FakeHDR.fx,TiltShift.fx,LiftGammaGain.fx,AdaptiveSharpen.fx,Tonemap.fx,AmbientLight.fx,Bloom.fx,Technicolor2.fx,Clarity.fx,Vignette.fx,FilmGrain.fx,FisheyeHorizontal.fx,Border.fx,LightDoF.fx,GaussianBlur.fx [Border.fx] border_width=0.000000,75.000000 border_ratio=2.350000 border_color=0.000000,0.000000,0.000000 [Clarity.fx] ClarityRadius=1 ClarityBlendMode=2 ClarityOffset=1.000000 ClarityDarkIntensity=0.500000 ClarityBlendIfDark=50 ClarityBlendIfLight=205 ClarityViewBlendIfMask=0 ClarityStrength=0.600000 ClarityLightIntensity=0.500000 ClarityViewMask=0 [HQ4X.fx] s=1.500000 k=-1.100000 mx=1.000000 max_w=0.750000 min_w=0.030000 lum_add=0.330000 [AdaptiveSharpen.fx] curve_height=0.600000 L_compr_low=0.169000 D_compr_low=0.253000 curveslope=0.400000 L_overshoot=0.003000 D_overshoot=0.009000 L_compr_high=0.337000 D_compr_high=0.504000 max_scale_lim=0.100000 pm_p=0.750000 scale_lim=0.100000 scale_cs=0.056000 [AmbientLight.fx] alDebug=0 alAdaptBaseMult=1.000000 alInt=4.200000 AL_DirtTex=0 alThreshold=10.000000 AL_Adaptation=4294967295 alAdapt=1.280000 AL_Dirt=0 alAdaptBaseBlackLvL=2 alLensThresh=0.500000 AL_Vibrance=0 AL_Adaptive=2 alDirtInt=1.000000 alDirtOVInt=1.000000 alLensInt=2.000000 AL_Lens=4294967295 [CRT.fx] Resolution=1.150000 Gamma=2.400000 Brightness=0.900000 Curvature=0.000000 MonitorGamma=2.200000 ScanlineIntensity=2.000000 ScanlineGaussian=1.000000 CornerSize=0.010000 CurvatureRadius=1.500000 ViewerDistance=2.000000 Angle=0.000000,0.000000 Overscan=1.010000 Oversample=1.000000 [Bloom.fx] bGodrayEnable=0 iBloomMixmode=1 fBloomSaturation=0.000000 bAnamFlareEnable=4294967295 fBloomThreshold=0.901000 fBloomAmount=0.700000 fLensdirtSaturation=0.200000 fBloomTint=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 fLensdirtIntensity=5.000000 bLensdirtEnable=4294967295 fFlareLuminance=0.095000 iLensdirtMixmode=1 fLensdirtTint=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 bLenzEnable=0 fAnamFlareThreshold=0.995000 fAnamFlareWideness=1.600000 fAnamFlareAmount=3.090000 fAnamFlareCurve=1.800000 fAnamFlareColor=0.039216,0.227451,0.674510 fLenzIntensity=1.000000 fLenzThreshold=0.800000 bChapFlareEnable=0 fChapFlareTreshold=0.900000 iChapFlareCount=15 fChapFlareDispersal=0.250000 fChapFlareSize=0.450000 fFlareIntensity=0.200000 fChapFlareCA=0.000000,0.010000,0.020000 fChapFlareIntensity=100.000000 fGodrayDecay=0.990000 fGodrayExposure=1.000000 fGodrayWeight=1.250000 fGodrayDensity=1.000000 fGodrayThreshold=0.900000 iGodraySamples=120 fFlareBlur=200.980011 fFlareTint=0.000000,0.000000,0.000000 [ColorMatrix.fx] ColorMatrix_Red=0.817000,0.183000,0.000000 ColorMatrix_Green=0.333000,0.667000,0.000000 ColorMatrix_Blue=0.000000,0.125000,0.875000 Strength=1.000000 [Cartoon.fx] Power=1.500000 EdgeSlope=1.500000 [Sepia.fx] Tint=0.550000,0.430000,0.420000 Strength=0.580000 [CA.fx] Shift=2.500000,-0.500000 Strength=0.500000 [MotionFocus.fx] mfDebug=0.000000 mfFocusStrength=0.001000 mfZoomStrength=0.000200 [MultiLUT.fx] fLUT_LutSelector=0.000000 fLUT_AmountChroma=1.000000 fLUT_AmountLuma=1.000000 [Colourfulness.fx] colourfulness=0.400000 lim_luma=0.700000 [Curves.fx] Mode=0.000000 Formula=4.000000 Contrast=0.650000 [SurfaceBlur.fx] BlurRadius=1.000000 DebugMode=0.000000 BlurOffset=1.000000 BlurEdge=0.500000 BlurStrength=1.000000 [UIMask.fx] fMask_Intensity=1.000000 bDisplayMask=0.000000 [Daltonize.fx] Type=0.000000 [Deband.fx] Threshold=0.004000 Range=16.000000 Iterations=1.000000 Grain=0.006000 [Denoise.fx] NoiseLevel=0.150000 LerpCoefficeint=0.800000 WeightThreshold=0.030000 CounterThreshold=0.050000 GaussianSigma=50.000000 [PerfectPerspective.fx] Color=0.027451,0.027451,0.027451,0.000000 FOV=109.000000 Borders=1.000000 Vertical=0.618000 Type=0.000000 Zooming=1.000000 [FisheyeVertical.fx] fFisheyeZoom=0.500000 fFisheyeDistortionCubic=0.012000 fFisheyeDistortion=-0.090000 fFisheyeColorshift=0.000000 [DOF.fx] fADOF_ShapeCurvatureAmount=1.000000 DOF_AUTOFOCUS=4294967295 DOF_FARBLURCURVE=2.526000 DOF_MOUSEDRIVEN_AF=0 fGPDOFBiasCurve=2.000000 DOF_FOCUSPOINT=0.500000,0.560000 fGPDOFChromaAmount=0.400000 DOF_INFINITEFOCUS=0.020000 DOF_MANUALFOCUSDEPTH=0.205000 DOF_FOCUSSAMPLES=6 bADOF_ShapeApertureEnable=0 DOF_NEARBLURCURVE=1000.000061 DOF_FOCUSRADIUS=0.052000 fRingDOFFringe=0.500000 bGPDOFPolygonalBokeh=4294967295 fGPDOFBrightnessMultiplier=2.000000 DOF_BLURRADIUS=13.860001 iRingDOFSamples=30 fADOF_BokehCurve=12.970000 iRingDOFRings=8 fRingDOFThreshold=0.700000 fGPDOFBrightnessThreshold=0.500000 fRingDOFGain=30.000002 bADOF_ShapeCurvatureEnable=4294967295 fRingDOFBias=2.000000 iMagicDOFBlurQuality=8 bADOF_ImageChromaEnable=0 fMagicDOFColorCurve=10.000000 iGPDOFQuality=6 iGPDOFPolygonCount=5 fADOF_ShapeRotation=0.000000 fADOF_ShapeChromaAmount=0.000000 fGPDOFBias=10.000000 bMatsoDOFChromaEnable=0 fADOF_SmootheningAmount=0.000000 fMatsoDOFChromaPow=0.200000 fMatsoDOFBokehCurve=4.400000 iMatsoDOFBokehQuality=10 iADOF_ShapeQuality=30 fMatsoDOFBokehAngle=0.000000 bADOF_RotAnimationEnable=0 fADOF_RotAnimationSpeed=0.000000 fADOF_ShapeApertureAmount=0.006000 fADOF_ShapeWeightAmount=0.500000 bADOF_ShapeAnamorphEnable=0 fADOF_ShapeAnamorphRatio=0.560000 bADOF_ShapeDistortEnable=0 fADOF_ShapeDistortAmount=0.000000 fADOF_ShapeWeightCurve=0.500000 bADOF_ShapeChromaEnable=0 bADOF_ShapeDiffusionEnable=0 fADOF_ShapeDiffusionAmount=0.000000 bADOF_ShapeWeightEnable=0 iADOF_ShapeChromaMode=0 iADOF_ImageChromaHues=20 fADOF_ImageChromaCurve=2.000000 fADOF_ImageChromaAmount=3.370000 [FilmicAnamorphSharpen.fx] Strength=1.710000 Preview=0.000000 Coefficient=0.000000 Offset=2.000000 Clamp=1.000000 Contrast=128.000000 [DPX.fx] RGB_Curve=8.000000,8.000000,8.000000 Strength=0.200000 RGB_C=0.360000,0.360000,0.340000 Contrast=0.100000 Saturation=3.000000 Colorfulness=2.500000 [Vignette.fx] Type=0 Ratio=2.228000 Center=0.500000,0.500000 Radius=1.680000 Amount=-2.000000 Slope=6 [Emphasize.fx] ManualFocusDepth=0.026000 FocusRangeDepth=0.010000 FocusEdgeDepth=0.050000 BlendColor=0.000000,0.000000,0.000000 EffectFactor=0.900000 BlendFactor=0.000000 [FilmGrain.fx] Intensity=0.300000 Variance=0.450000 Mean=0.500000 SignalToNoiseRatio=2 [FilmGrain2.fx] grainamount=0.050000 coloramount=0.600000 lumamount=1.000000 grainsize=1.600000 [Glitch.fx] Amount=1.000000 bUseUV=0.000000 [ChromaticAberration.fx] Shift=0.000000,-9.600000 Strength=0.200000 [FilmicPass.fx] Strength=0.850000 Linearization=0.500000 Fade=0.400000 Contrast=1.000000 Bleach=0.000000 Saturation=-0.150000 RedCurve=1.000000 GreenCurve=1.000000 BlueCurve=1.000000 BaseCurve=1.500000 BaseGamma=1.000000 EffectGamma=0.650000 EffectGammaR=1.000000 EffectGammaG=1.000000 EffectGammaB=1.000000 LumCoeff=0.212656,0.715158,0.072186 [MagicBloom.fx] f2Adapt_Clip=0.000000,1.000000 fBloom_Intensity=1.000000 fBloom_Threshold=2.000000 fDirt_Intensity=0.000000 fExposure=0.500000 fAdapt_Sensitivity=1.000000 fAdapt_Speed=0.100000 iDebug=0.000000 iAdapt_Precision=1076677888.000000 [FineSharp.fx] sstr=2.000000 cstr=0.900000 xstr=0.190000 pstr=1.272000 xrep=0.250000 lstr=1.490000 [FakeMotionBlur.fx] mbRecall=0.400000 mbSoftness=1.000000 [SMAA.fx] EdgeDetectionType=1.000000 EdgeDetectionThreshold=0.100000 MaxSearchSteps=98.000000 MaxSearchStepsDiagonal=16.000000 CornerRounding=0.000000 DebugOutput=0.000000 [FXAA.fx] Subpix=0.250000 EdgeThreshold=0.125000 EdgeThresholdMin=0.000000 [GaussianBlur.fx] GaussianBlurRadius=2 GaussianBlurOffset=0.400000 GaussianBlurStrength=0.300000 [HDR.fx] HDRPower=1.300000 radius1=0.793000 radius2=0.870000 [HighPassSharpen.fx] HighPassSharpRadius=1.000000 HighPassSharpOffset=1.000000 HighPassViewBlendIfMask=0.000000 HighPassBlendIfDark=0.000000 HighPassBlendMode=1.000000 HighPassBlendIfLight=255.000000 HighPassSharpStrength=0.400000 HighPassDarkIntensity=1.000000 HighPassLightIntensity=1.000000 HighPassViewSharpMask=0.000000 [Levels.fx] BlackPoint=16 WhitePoint=235 HighlightClipping=0 [ReflectiveBumpMapping.fx] iRBM_SampleCount=32.000000 fRBM_LowerThreshold=0.100000 fRBM_BlurWidthPixels=100.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Orange=1.000000 fRBM_ReliefHeight=0.300000 fRBM_FresnelMult=0.500000 fRBM_FresnelReflectance=0.300000 fRBM_UpperThreshold=0.200000 fRBM_ColorMask_Red=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Yellow=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Green=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Cyan=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Blue=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Magenta=1.000000 [LUT.fx] fLUT_AmountChroma=1.000000 fLUT_AmountLuma=1.000000 [LiftGammaGain.fx] RGB_Lift=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 RGB_Gamma=1.040000,1.040000,1.040000 RGB_Gain=0.960000,0.960000,0.960000 [TiltShift.fx] BlurMultiplier=2.100000 Line=0 Axis=0 Offset=0.000000 BlurCurve=2.090000 [LightDoF.fx] fLightDoF_Width=9.160001 fLightDoF_Amount=50.000000 f2LightDoF_CA=0.100000,0.900000 f2Bokeh_AutoFocusCenter=0.420000,0.440000 bLightDoF_UseCA=0 bLightDoF_AutoFocus=0 fLightDoF_AutoFocusSpeed=0.100000 bLightDoF_UseMouseFocus=0 fLightDoF_ManualFocus=0.900000 [MXAO.fx] fMXAOAmbientOcclusionAmount=2.000000 MXAO_SAMPLE_NORMAL_BIAS=0.200000 bMXAOSmoothNormalsEnable=0.000000 MXAO_SAMPLE_RADIUS=2.500000 fMXAOIndirectLightingAmount=4.000000 fMXAOFadeoutStart=0.200000 iMXAOBayerDitherLevel=3.000000 fMXAONormalBias=0.200000 iMXAOSampleCount=24.000000 fMXAOIndirectLightingSaturation=1.000000 fMXAOSampleRadius=2.500000 fMXAOBlurSharpness=2.000000 MXAO_SSAO_AMOUNT=1.000000 fMXAOBlurSteps=2.000000 bMXAODebugViewEnable=0.000000 fMXAOFadeoutEnd=0.400000 MXAO_GLOBAL_SAMPLE_QUALITY_PRESET=2.000000 MXAO_GLOBAL_RENDER_SCALE=1.000000 MXAO_DEBUG_VIEW_ENABLE=0.000000 MXAO_BLEND_TYPE=0.000000 MXAO_FADE_DEPTH_START=0.050000 MXAO_FADE_DEPTH_END=0.400000 [FilmGrain3.fx] GrainLuma=0.800000 GrainSize=2.000000 GrainPower=0.020000 GrainColorAmount=0.150000 [LumaSharpen.fx] sharp_strength=0.650000 pattern=1.000000 sharp_clamp=0.035000 offset_bias=1.000000 show_sharpen=0.000000 [Monochrome.fx] Coefficients=0.210000,0.720000,0.070000 ColorSaturation=0.000000 [MotionBlur.fx] mbRecall=0.400000 mbSoftness=1.000000 [RBM.fx] fRBM_BlurWidthPixels=100.000000 iRBM_SampleCount=32.000000 fRBM_LowerThreshold=0.100000 fRBM_ReliefHeight=0.300000 fRBM_ColorMask_Orange=1.000000 fRBM_FresnelReflectance=0.300000 fRBM_FresnelMult=0.500000 fRBM_UpperThreshold=0.200000 fRBM_ColorMask_Red=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Yellow=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Green=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Cyan=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Blue=1.000000 fRBM_ColorMask_Magenta=1.000000 [Technicolor.fx] Power=4.000000 RGBNegativeAmount=0.880000,0.880000,0.880000 Strength=0.400000 [Technicolor2.fx] ColorStrength=0.784314,0.588235,0.588235 Saturation=0.395000 Brightness=1.000000 Strength=0.500000 [Tonemap.fx] Gamma=1.000000 Bleach=0.000000 Defog=0.010000 Exposure=0.100000 Saturation=0.200000 FogColor=0.490196,0.000000,0.490196 [Vibrance.fx] Vibrance=0.150000 VibranceRGBBalance=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 [AdaptiveFog.fx] FogCurve=1.500000 FogColor=0.900000,0.900000,0.900000 MaxFogFactor=0.800000 BloomPower=10.000000 FogStart=0.050000 BloomThreshold=10.250000 BloomWidth=0.200000 [DepthHaze.fx] FogStart=0.200000 EffectStrength=0.900000 FogColor=0.800000,0.800000,0.800000 FogFactor=0.200000 [3DFX.fx] DITHERAMOUNT=0.500000 LEIFX_PIXELWIDTH=1.500000 DITHERBIAS=-1.000000 LEIFX_LINES=1.000000 GAMMA_LEVEL=1.000000 [ASCII.fx] Ascii_font_g=255.000000 Ascii_spacing=0.000000 Ascii_back_g=0.000000 Ascii_font=1.000000 Ascii_font_b=255.000000 Ascii_font_r=255.000000 Ascii_back_b=0.000000 Ascii_back_r=0.000000 Ascii_swap_colors=0.000000 Ascii_invert_brightness=0.000000 Ascii_dithering_temporal=0.000000 Ascii_font_color_mode=1.000000 [FakeHDR.fx] HDRPower=1.300000 radius1=0.793000 radius2=0.870000 [CreateLUT.fx] X_Position=0.000000 Y_Position=0.000000 [HSV.fx] fColorHueMult=1.000000 fSaturationModCyan=-0.000000 fColorSaturationMod=-0.000000 fColorSaturationPow=1.000000 fColorSaturationMult=1.000000 fSaturationMultYellow=0.000000 fColorIntensityMod=0.000000 fColorIntensityMult=1.000000 fColorIntensityPow=1.000000 fColorHueMod=0.020000 fColorHuePow=1.000000 fSaturationModGreen=-0.000000 fSaturationModRed=0.200000 fSaturationModOrange=0.000000 fSaturationModYellow=-0.000000 fSaturationModBlue=-0.200000 fSaturationModMagenta=0.000000 fSaturationMultRed=0.000000 fSaturationMultOrange=0.000000 fSaturationMultGreen=0.000000 fSaturationMultCyan=0.000000 fSaturationMultBlue=0.300000 fSaturationMultMagenta=0.000000 fSaturationPowRed=0.000000 fSaturationPowOrange=0.000000 fSaturationPowYellow=0.000000 fSaturationPowGreen=0.000000 fSaturationPowCyan=0.000000 fSaturationPowBlue=0.000000 fSaturationPowMagenta=0.000000 [Chromakey.fx] Threshold=0.100000 Pass=0.000000 Color=0.000000 CustomColor=1.000000,0.000000,0.000000 [Prism.fx] Aberration=6.000000 SampleCount=8.000000 Curve=1.000000 Automatic=1.000000 [FisheyeHorizontal.fx] fFisheyeZoom=0.500000 fFisheyeDistortion=-0.038000 fFisheyeDistortionCubic=-0.156000 fFisheyeColorshift=0.011000


28 Apr 09:09 CEST

First of all: thanks for the nice preset, have been playing around a lot to tweak it to my taste and combined it with some other effects I liked from SABINAs preset (e.g. MXAO).

I experienced a few issues though: DOF (and also MXAO) only work for me when opening the map. Display depth is just plain black in game, any ideas why?

Some additional questions:
1. I switched RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_LOGARITHMIC=1" and 0 also (0 giving me unbugged MXAO, so it might actually be right?!), no changes otherwise...
Also "RESHADE_DEPTH_LINEARIZATION_FAR_PLANE=10000.0 instead of the standard 1000 doesn’t change a thing for me. Those setting were needed for appropriate DOF for you, if I understand you right?!

2. your Dropbox folder only contains the fisheye, so I shouldn’t overwrite the other folder, rather add it to my shaders I guess?

3. I don’t need to run windowed (fullscreen works for me) in order to not crash. On the contrary indeed, I sometimes have problems and crashes in windowed mode (not ReShade related, just in general). Any possibility, this might be the problem, when all other effects just work fine?

Best regards

19 Apr 03:08 CEST

Thanks so much, SP77! Glad I got you to try it :D

I am working on a preset that goes for that vibrant look, like a LoMo-Fi photo, actually, but I don't know when or if I'll finish it. I'll probably YouTube my progress at the very least at some point. Here's my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn5KAZuLeVmeQLXSMJNBMcA

17 Apr 22:51 CEST

Really loving this preset AD. I usually tend to go for colorful and saturated ones but your work and the screenshots convinced me to try something new. Glad I did. Thanks and keep up the great work.

7 Apr 06:54 CEST

Thanks for the feedback. Yea I would like to fine tune it a bit more, but it's really hard, to say the least, because it cuts off for me every time I pause the game or go to the map, or have the hud on at all, or... just always. It's driving me insane. As a "hot fix" lowering the DOF_BlurRadius to 10 should help it trigger far less frequently, but you will lose the size and clarity of the bokeh circles, but it work better generally. Also, lowering the second value of the DOF_FocusPoint (the y-axis), to 540 or 530 may help a bit too if it's triggering when ADSing.

Thanks, btw! I plan to have more reshades for the game... well one more at least, but not sure when.

6 Apr 22:49 CEST

Love it! Though the DOF is a bit much. Kind of see using it more for screenshots than gameplay.

30 Mar 11:55 CEST

Hey Hyper, thanks for posting this, really glad you mentioned what fixed it for you. Very strange that one preset worked fine but the other didn't. I wonder, is my other preset still looking right now? Thanks for the compliment too btw! More presets to come in the days ahead.

30 Mar 11:10 CEST

Ok I just fixed the issue by installing 3.1.1 version of reshade its all working now so if anyone else has the issue

30 Mar 10:54 CEST

Really liking this preset but problem I am having is the screen is completely blurry even after your instructions, so I disabled tilt shift cant seem to get it to look like your video or screens your other preset worked just fine.

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