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HaDes - A Better Looking Hell

Preset for Agony UNRATED
Created by C.O.G.S
Added Dec. 2, 2018
Updated 31 Dec 05:33 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Effects Colourfulness Levels Vibrance SurfaceSharpen Agony is a great looking game overall, it's just a tiny bit too dull imo, and the TAA although great at getting rid of aliasing and shimmering, it also makes the game pretty blurry. I try to fix that with this, but without changing the look of the game too much, and without impacting the performance too much. The performance cost is minimal, around 5 FPS. You can get the latest version of ReShade here: https://reshade.me/ You can download the SurfaceSharpen shader from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9kw3ydzmzqaqy5h/SurfaceSharpen.fx?dl=0 put it in your reshade-shaders\Shaders folder. This is completely optional, but if you want to make the game look even better you can paste the below CVars in your C:\Users\Your name\Appdata\Local\Agony\Saved_Unrated\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Engine.ini [SystemSettings] r.Shadow.FilterMethod=1 r.Tonemapper.Sharpen=0.5 // 0=off 0.5=half strength 1=full strength full strength is a little too sharp for me, but half strength goes nicely with this preset. Hope you like it! Credits Crosire (for ReShade) Ioxa (for the excellent SurfaceSharpen shader)
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Effects=Colourfulness.fx,Levels.fx,Vibrance.fx,SurfaceSharpen.fx Techniques=SurfaceSharpen,Colourfulness,Levels,Vibrance TechniqueSorting=AdaptiveSharpen,AmbientLight,BloomAndLensFlares,CA,CinematicDOF,Clarity,Colourfulness,Curves,DepthHaze,RingDOF,MagicDOF,GP65CJ042DOF,MatsoDOF,MartyMcFlyDOF,DPX,Emphasize,EyeAdaption,HDR,MotionBlur,FilmGrain,FilmGrain2,FilmicAnamorphSharpen,FilmicPass,Mode1,Mode2,Mode3,FXAA,GaussianBlur,HighPassSharp,HQ4X,Layer,Levels,LiftGammaGain,LightDoF_AutoFocus,LightDoF_Far,LightDoF_Near,LumaSharpen,LUT,MagicBloom,MultiLUT,MXAO,PerfectPerspective,ChromaticAberration,ReflectiveBumpmapping,SMAA,Before,After,SurfaceBlur,Technicolor,Technicolor2,Tonemap,Vibrance,UIDetect,UIDetect_Before,UIDetect_After,UIMask_Top,UIMask_Bottom,SurfaceSharpen,DisplayDepth,Cross_Cursor,Depth3D [Vibrance.fx] Vibrance=0.130000 VibranceRGBBalance=0.800000,0.895000,0.890000 [Colourfulness.fx] lim_luma=0.750000 colourfulness=0.080000 enable_dither=0 col_noise=4294967295 backbuffer_bits=8.000000 [SurfaceSharpen.fx] SharpRadius=3 CurveStrength=1.010000 SharpOffset=0.950000 SharpEdge=1.000000 Slope=1.015000 DebugMode=0 [Levels.fx] BlackPoint=2 WhitePoint=245 HighlightClipping=0


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