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Entry created by hyun18
Added Feb. 17, 2014
SweetFX game notes:
Not sure why some of you are having issues. But I use Radeonpro with sweetfx 1.4 plug-in along with it. And I have no issues ! -Just add profile for titanfall and enable sweetfx. - Run radeonpro as admin and/or titanfall.exe by default if not working.

Game presets

Preset Added By Screenshots Downloads Shader
Birght Sharp & Vibrant (UPDATED) Feb. 17, 2014 hyun18 13 5492 SweetFX 1.4
Colors of Titans Dec. 9, 2016 romix 0 625 ReShade
Colourfull and sharp March 12, 2015 winjer 3 893 Other
MTechpark Preset V1 - TITANFALL May 24, 2015 multitechnopark 0 789 SweetFX 1.6
Titanfall Contrast & Sharp Feb. 3, 2015 N3xus4lpha 8 801 SweetFX 1.5
_× Ultra Realistic ×_ July 25, 2017 Owais.ubm 0 580 ReShade


16 Aug 00:41 CEST


Copy all files to Titanfall\bin\x64_retail

So i have SweetFX Folder, ReShade.fx, Sweet.fx, ReShade Setup, READ ME, & ReShade64.dll

Rename ReShade64.dll to dxgi.dll

3 Jul 10:46 CEST

Thanks for the instructions! I have been struggleing with this game forever.

2 Feb 14:39 CET

My Reshade in Titanfall says "no effect found". any ideas?

24 Jan 15:45 CET

SweetFX in Titanfall is now working for everybody: Download Reshade + SweetFX @ http://reshade.me

Copy Sweet.fx, the folder SweetFX and ReShade64.dll to \Titanfall\bin\x64_retail and rename ReShade64.dll to dxgi.dll

24 Jul 00:51 CEST

I got it working finally, here's what I did:

1. Make a folder in C:/
2. I named it "SweetFXFiles"
3. In RadeonPRO, go the settings:

- In the Settings: Uncheck "Disable 64-bit"

- Go to SweetFX settings and point the "root folder" to the folder you just made and then check "Enable SweetFX intergration"

-Assing a button to turn it Off/On.

-Save and exit the settings.


- Make a new profile.
-Choose Titanfall.exe in your install folder.
-Click the profile so it highlights blue and then go to "sweetfx" on the upper right corner.
- Click "Enable SweetFX"
- Scroll down and click "Import Settings"
- Navigate to the SweetFX folder you made and choose the "SweetFX_Settings" file.

- Leave the program as it is.
- Launch Titanfall normally.

Voíla! It works!

13 May 23:01 CEST


For me I have to always run Radeonpro as admin. I think it depends on your system.lol

9 May 09:48 CEST

SNIP3R from UT? Hit me up man pugs going strong in this game right now! Here is a link to the info.


10 Mar 20:32 CET

I finally got it to work with RadeonPro. You just have to enable SweetFX (1.4) inside it . Also, don´t forget to disable Origin-Support in Titanfall!! You don´t have to run RadeonPro with admin rights.

19 Feb 15:37 CET

I dont use that method though. I use radeonpro .
You need to figure out why your sweetfx is not working, then you can worry about adding this preset.

Try use sweet + efx files, then replace sweetfx_settings.txt with this preset.

18 Feb 13:25 CET

I installed all sweetfx file C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Origin Games \ Titanfall-Beta.nhung not work, you can upload a zip please. With all the files needed not

18 Feb 10:13 CET

Not sure what you meant.
But if you meant the dark/shaded areas .
Try turning down contrast in the under curvers.
Or you can just try adjust in-game brightness/gamma .

18 Feb 08:37 CET

This looks great!!

What settings can I tweak to make the shadow less pronounced please? :)

17 Feb 22:00 CET

I do not know how you please guide?tk

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