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Alien: Isolation

Entry created by K-putt
Added Oct. 6, 2014
SweetFX game notes:
Put all SweetFX files into the Alien Isolation folder. \Steam\SteamApps\common\Alien Isolation


5 Aug 07:39 CEST


20 Jun 11:04 CEST

Preset Updated to latest Reshade ;)

2 Jun 19:38 CEST

Check out my first ever preset!
Enjoy and comment :)

12 Apr 20:31 CEST

My MasterEffect Preset has been Updated by!

11 Jan 14:45 CET

Ok, it's not Afterburner per se, but Riva Tuner Statistics Server that causes the crash. Setting application detection level to none, effectively disabling the statistics server, stops the crashing and allows me to still use my fan profile in Afterburner. No On Screen Display though. Meh!

11 Jan 13:32 CET

Why won't this work with Afterburner? I sue Afterburner for my fan profile, my GPU's burn without it, 'cos I tend to downsample from 2715 x 1527 to 1080p.

5 Nov 04:55 CET

Windows 8.1 no effect just slight increase in brightness.

31 Oct 13:13 CET

My Oh My! these all look so good. unfortunately i can't make them work .w8.1

25 Oct 18:19 CEST

For some reason, using radon pro because i'm on 8.1, there is absolutely no difference when SFX is on or off. This is fairly weird and don't understand what's up as i have replicated the steps needed many times and in different ways suggested in guides.

8 Oct 20:52 CEST

I see no difference Sweetfx is on

8 Oct 20:47 CEST

Can you make a tutorial how you install sweetfx. if i drop all data in Alien isolation the game will not start

8 Oct 02:23 CEST

SABERWOLF download the file in K-putt'e config in the description and put it in your sweetfx folder. And make sure in radeonpro you have sweetfx integration turned on the the settings. This solved my problem

7 Oct 22:35 CEST

Trying to get your SweetFX preset (or better yet.. SweetFX! PERIOD) too work in Radeon Pro, but I see no difference?

When I toggle sweetFX on/off I see no difference what so ever in quaity. This is my first time running SweetFX in Radeon Pro, an Alien Iso is the only game I have tested.

7 Oct 21:50 CEST

The stable SweetFX injectors don't support Win 8.1 (DX10-11) yet.

7 Oct 19:51 CEST

Walterbishop what do you mean use the X64 dll's? I run win 8.1. SweetFX will not work with Alien: Isolation on my computer. Any help will be appreciated.

7 Oct 03:58 CEST

I'm a dummy, just had to use the X64 dll's. Now the game looks amazing!

7 Oct 03:54 CEST

The game won't launch with any SweetFX version installed, I'm so bummed and can't figure out what's wrong! It clearly works for other people. Any ideas?

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