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Batman: Arkham Knight

Entry created by Omnipotus
Added April 9, 2015


29 Oct 14:28 CET

Game has been re-released officially now. Would love to see some good stuff for this game now. Hopefully ReShade is working properly again. Though I was forced to use Boulotaur2024 version to get it working right.

6 Oct 16:26 CEST

Okay Found a working SweetFX that works with this game:

Boulotaur2024.1.5.1 version seems to work flawlessly without any crashes so far.

So for now we might have to go oldschool on this game :)

6 Oct 02:31 CEST

Nevermind it seems it still crashes even with the method I presented though in my case I am getting a very specific spot where the crash happens. Which is always the last line in the log.

5 Oct 19:03 CEST

Okay I found a way to make Reshade / SweetFX to work in this game even during Interim Patch. It involves an extra dll file but it works :) Here you go guys. Follow this guide and it should now work in BAK for win 10 users.


29 Sep 17:31 CEST

I have the same issue with batman AK on Win10

31 Jul 21:49 CEST

I just upgraded to Windows 10 and tried Reshade and nothing seems to be working at all. Not even a log file is created in the directory of the game. I will try other games but anyone having same issue?

27 Jun 13:04 CEST

Hmm.. you're right. I'll add it again.

26 Jun 22:08 CEST

The game is not gone, only temporarily suspending sales. People can still buy keys and activate it, and I am playing the game with your settings. If someone really wants it I can upload it to mediafire.

26 Jun 12:33 CEST


26 Jun 10:53 CEST

I removed it because the game is gone as well. And it'll be quite useless once the game is out again. Since it probaly looks quite a bit different.

25 Jun 22:59 CEST

What happened to Kpuff's preset section? It was there last night and now it's gone. I really wanted to talk to him.

24 Jun 10:03 CEST

Just disable in-game AA and enable SMAA in reshade...

23 Jun 09:57 CEST

aliasing in this game is really bad, blurry as hell too - hopefully a decent preset can work with this.

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