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Critical Mass - ezzo

Preset for Mass Effect 3
Created by MarvelousSagacity
Added Sept. 24, 2022
Updated 24 Sep 09:24 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
“Critical Mass – ezzo” was made for the original 2012 Mass Effect 3. It could look okay with the newer “Legendary Edition” version of Mass Effect 3, yet in terms of technicality it was made for the original; keep that in mind. There was a mod used that did change how the overall game looked. The Vignette Remover] mod, though it is not mandatory. Vignette Remover subtracts the cold blueish filter during game play, it has no effect on cut-scenes. I would say it depends on the user, if he or she likes the default blue hue or rather have it removed. I tested this preset on both, default Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 3 with Vignette Remover, it looks fine on each. That said the photos below are with Vignette Remover enabled. Vignette Remover Mod https://bit.ly/3C5M40y Vignette Remover Example Image https://bit.ly/3Ran6Sj “Critical Mass – ezzo” its name is based on the stark Element Zero from Mass Effect 2; though the element is mostly found in Mass Effect 2, I thought given the dramatic styling of this preset it was an appropriate fit. The most noticeable attribute with the preset is its strong lighting or bloom effect. I kept debating its value when making. The original value was greater, yet I thought it was too much; finally settling on a value I believed was appropriate and less stressful to the eyes. It also changes the hue of colors here and there, while adding greater contrast between light and dark areas. There are 51 visual examples of the preset in action below. The first 17 images are 4k, the second 17 are 2k and the final 17 are 1k. This preset only uses one shader in Reshade: MultiLUT.fx . The accompanying file to use with this shader is the first image in the gallery below. To install, save the file named “Criticial-Mass-ezzo_MultiLut_atlas1.png”. Place the file in reshade/Textures folder; finally rename the file to “MultiLut_atlas1.png”. Run reshade and enable MultiLUT.fx and it should recognize the file. That is it for a the details of this preset, hopefully one gets use out of it; if not that is fine too. I was making a preset that is more faithful to the original cold blue hue of Mass Effect 3, along side of this preset; (The default look always reminds me of the 1979 film Alien tagline: In Space No One Can Hear You Scream.”) but did not think it was finished enough to release. In Mass Effect 3 I like to think of the blue hue as the constant cautious reminder of the presence of Banshees; yet they are not too hard once you get the idea of attack patterns and tendencies, even when facing two simultaneously on Insanity difficulty. I have done presets for both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 now; I’ll definitely do one at some point for the original Mass Effect, maybe Andromeda too but it will be awhile. -peaceout
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PreprocessorDefinitions= Techniques=MultiLUT@MultiLUT.fx TechniqueSorting=Layer@Layer.fx,MultiLUT@MultiLUT.fx,SMAA@SMAA.fx [MultiLUT.fx] fLUT_AmountChroma=1.000000 fLUT_AmountLuma=1.000000 fLUT_LutSelector=0



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