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SCG - Dying Light Following Enhanced 2.4

Preset for Dying Light
Created by SplitCoreGaming
Added Feb. 10, 2016
Updated 27 May 13:47 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
NEW Version 2+! - Better light management (between indoors/outdoors), colour balance (towards realism), No overblown colours (under harsher light conditions) & more realistic lighting all around! New Screenshots added prior nailing colour vibrance. Will add New Asap Welcome to the first 'Official' SplitCoreGaming Reshade for Dying Light.
Working on a new Version with techniques I learnt during my ESO tweaks. Can now bring out details, midtones and improve lighting without crushing blacks/highlights. Stay Tuned DELIVERED FROM V2!
V2.4 Includes: Bloom DPX Tonemap Curves Adaptive Sharpen SMAA HDR Vibrance (Added 2.4+) Dither
I have made my own for years, often opting for something subtle, yet effective enough to help the game's original style reach it's full potential. I will be using these presets in my captures for SplitCoreGaming.com due this year. I felt it important to start sharing my settings to help others match my footage if wished.
I will admit this is highly optimised for my own PC use. With that said, it may be too intense for most PC's. I will take feedback on board and make alterations based on such.
Download Reshade V1.1 from - http://reshade.me/ Follow Setup Instructions. Take SCG_DyingLight and extract it to your - ReShade Framework 1.1.0\ReShade\PersonalFiles\Presets Run Mediator and add Dying light (making sure you set it to DX10/11). Click Update. Then select my preset and click Apply. Latest Download always @ https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_aQW1EMrPmHY0Z4dXRQdHhOV1k&usp=drive_web
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Latest Download always @ https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_aQW1EMrPmHY0Z4dXRQdHhOV1k&usp=drive_web


16 Feb 19:32 CET

I just started getting issues with this game and it seems that with the latest VAC implemented now fully in effect ReShade started not working for me for some odd reason. Was kinda working fine past couple days but now it wont at all.

11 Feb 01:52 CET

Way too tired... Sorry @DirtyDan, not Dorty *slaps face*

11 Feb 01:51 CET

@DortyDan - Not a clue. Ain't played for months and died 5 times trying to just get screenshots in a field. Aiming to restart and then do The Following on Nightmare.

11 Feb 01:02 CET

what blade is that in the preview? the tron looking sword?

10 Feb 19:39 CET

This is wierd - but for some reason any 64bit version of dxgi.dll crashes DL for me. I'm using Sfx 1.5 right now (Kputt's) and it works fine, but trying to install Reshade crashes regardless. I've tried mediator as well as manual install and am definitely choosing d3d10/11 (or dxgi.dll 64 bit).

Anyhow, would love to try your preset but right now I'm stuck with Sfx 1.5 :)

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