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by Asiil

Glimpse Of Future

Created by Myashi
Added Sept. 10, 2016
Updated 7 Feb 18:24 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
INTRODUCTION This preset is the result of weeks of tuning and performance tests. Due to the poor frame rate of MD on some PCs, my goal was to make a performance friendly preset. This preset attempt to give you a fine tuned color correction, to enhance the realism. At the same time, you'll find a slightly cold look, brighter exteriors and shady interiors. The outcome is not a cinematic preset, but what i've imagined like a possible next future. To get all of this, i've made a custom LUT, using the Ganossa Tuning Palette filter. SHORT DESCRIPTION -> Details enhanced -> Right balance of brightness and contrast -> Performance friendly -> Cold but realistic visuals -> Brighter exteriors and shady interiors I made it on my tastes, i hope you like it =) DOWNLOAD Link -> http://www.mediafire.com/download/7dxi7yjk74xjby6/DXMD_Glimpse_Of_Future.zip INSTALLATION - Extract the archive content, in the folder where the .exe of the game, is located. Right here-> Steam\steamapps\common\Deus Ex Mankind Divided\retail\ - Enjoy your game =) DETAILS & INSTRUCTIONS * The preset is meant to work at 1080p. Is not tested on 2k or 4k. Feel free to try =) * I recommend to set the in game gamma at 65%. * This preset is meant to be used with VOLUMETRIC LIGHTS OFF, otherwise it will not enough to get rid of that yellow lights. * If you don't get the same look of mine, consider to lower the brightness and set the contrast of your monitor. * It works like a charm on win 10. * Keep update your gpu always with latest drivers. * This games doesn't love monitoring software like, msi afterburner, evga precision and such. Turn off this soft ( included steam overlay ), before launching the game. Is not a fix but just a way to prevent crashes on startup. PERFORMANCE I run the game on a 5820k processor ( stock ), paired with 16gb ram and my old gtx 780. The preset has mostly none fps loss. When the game drops i get a minimum loss of 1-2 fps ( depending on the zone ). For those like me that still have a 3gb card, i suggest to try a combination of mid and high graphic settings. VIDEO On YT you can find a short video of this preset. Link -> https://youtu.be/V3bwakbpRCc?list=PL296MVIzvuiD8pr3hj8Y0Mlz1DTfQQyn6 INFO This is the 1.0 version of the preset. I'm planning to keep this preset constantly updated, with new optional LUT and more.
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" I never asked for this " - Adam Jensen


27 May 08:49 CEST

My favorite preset for Mankind Divided. It gives a nice pop up to details and lightning making image more crips without being over the top.

27 Nov 02:47 CET


in case you could need in future: go to the game settings in " display option " and be sure DX12 is unchecked ;) I'm happy you solved. Usually i rename the file dxgi.dll and it works, but on some pc works best renamed as d3d11. Enjoy your game =)

26 Nov 03:29 CET

solved it by renaming dxgi to d3d11 thanks for the preset looks great :D

26 Nov 03:14 CET

no overlay active
gpu driver updated
how do i make sure that the game starts in dx11?

26 Nov 00:48 CET


disable any kind of overlay ( the one of steam too ). Keep up to date the gpu drivers and be sure you're running the game on DX11. These are the common tips i can give you. However, some user had the same problem, he just restarted the pc and that it worked for him.

25 Nov 21:52 CET

App crash on launch :s

7 Oct 01:55 CEST


A common suggestion is, try to update your drivers. Then check if any overlay is running ( afterburner, evga precision, dxtory and even the one of steam ), if so turn it off. Ofc this runs only in DX11 mode ( it is made with reshade 1.1 ). If you have DX12 beta enabled, turn it off.

6 Oct 20:43 CEST

the game wont start when I apply it?
it really looks sweet

19 Sep 23:01 CEST


I'm happy you like it, man :D

If you are the same Drogean of E3FX, let me tell you " i rike a rot " your preset ;)

16 Sep 08:56 CEST

as my fellow AZN niggas say "i rike it a rot!!"

11 Sep 14:50 CEST


I had these problems not with Mankind Divided, but with Human Revolution, that i've played right before this game. Crash and not working shader ( both reshade and sweetfx ).The fix for me was updating my drivers and try a 32bit dll ( instead of the 64bit ones ). Unfortunately it seems deus ex series have some issues on really few computers. Consider to update to new crimson drivers as soon they release others. I'm glad you like it, enjoy your game =)

11 Sep 09:01 CEST

Never mind, seems to be working after a restart. Weird. Great stuff!

11 Sep 07:45 CEST

This does not work after extracting the archive content in the folder into the .exe game location. Crash on start up. Windows 10, AMD R9 390 series. Switched back to another reshade for now. Looks really good though!

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