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by Watson


Created by l00
Added Aug. 22, 2017
Updated 25 Aug 00:18 CEST
Shader used: Other
Preset description:
SHARP LIGHT is a small and simple preset made from a modified version of ReShade framework dll and that uses custom shaders with a personal setup to give the game a clean look at optimal FPS: - Natural color balance to overhaul PUBG lighting with no bullshit effects. - Clean & Sharp tonemapping to ease the kills. - Lightweight (<1Mo) and guaranted 0 FPS loss. INSTALLATION: - Download the preset from here to recover the URL and download the archive (826 Ko from MediaFire) - Extract the content from the "PUBG-SHARP LIGHT" folder into the "PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64" folder, where the game's exe should be. Use Scroll Lock to toggle the preset. My Graphics options as seen in the screenshots: I play the game in 2560*1440 with a properly calibrated monitor and desktop colors, game's resolution 100%, everything "High" except grass and distance to very low, Luminosity: 100, Motion Blur: OFF, Vsync: On. Please do not redistribute this preset, its files and its configuration.
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4 Feb 10:50 CET

Blood_Ninja, im agree with you, very good preset, but red dot invisible and i cant play with this problem... if know how we can fix it tell me pls ))))

13 Oct 16:26 CEST

Blood_Ninja, I'll look at this, I didn't played the game for a while. Didn't know about the update.

Erdo4, my mistake I looked at the wrong preset. Open the reshade.fx and under the LENS FX set:
#define fFisheyeZoom 0.5
#define fFisheyeDistortion 0.0

8 Oct 13:06 CEST

Love the preset btw, but unfortunately isn't updated since the fog release.

8 Oct 13:05 CEST

Can you update this for fog use? Fog has become too bright and makes stuff impossible to see beyond 80-100m

3 Oct 21:29 CEST

@l00: There is no such code in ReShade.fx unfortunately. (#define USE_FISHEYE_CA)

3 Oct 14:38 CEST

@Erdo4 : Open ReShade.fx with notepad or similar and set "#define USE_FISHEYE_CA" to 0. Save & enjoy.

2 Oct 22:37 CEST

how to disable that zoom effect?

23 Aug 00:55 CEST

My previous comment is @Antary

23 Aug 00:54 CEST

What a moron... L00's day job is a professional comic book colorist. OF COURSE his monitor is calibrated. As is mine.

22 Aug 15:45 CEST

lol, you're welcome princess Butthurt.

22 Aug 15:36 CEST

Mister "properly calibrated monitor" simply turned brightness and name it OVERHAUL OF LIGHTNING, SHARPENINNG. Wow bruh, you love yourself and your 4k monitor right ? But you preset is shit. Whatch PUBG BRILLIANCE and learn how you need tweak game.

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