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_Cʟᴇᴀʀ Hᴜɴᴛᴇʀ_

Created by Creision
Added Aug. 11, 2018
Updated 17 Aug 20:56 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Same aesthetic, just better. -Removal of horrible haze -Sharpening of textures -Deeper blacks -MXAO Clear and Simple. Minimal FPS hit (~5FPS) Edit: Some people are getting performance issues with MXAO due to the depth buffer access. Have added "NumPad *" to disable.
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KeyMXAO=106,0,0,0 Effects=FakeHDR.fx,AdaptiveSharpen.fx,MXAO.fx,Vibrance.fx,SMAA.fx Techniques=AdaptiveSharpen,HDR,MXAO,SMAA,Vibrance TechniqueSorting=AdaptiveSharpen,HDR,MXAO,SMAA,Vibrance,ASCII,BloomAndLensFlares,Border,Cartoon,Chromakey,CA,CinematicDOF,Clarity,ColorMatrix,Colourfulness,AdvancedCRT,Curves,Daltonize,Deband,KNearestNeighbors,NonLocalMeans,Cross_Cursor,Depth3D,DepthHaze,DisplayDepth,RingDOF,MagicDOF,GP65CJ042DOF,MatsoDOF,MartyMcFlyDOF,DPX,EGAfilter,Emphasize,EyeAdaption,MotionBlur,FilmGrain,FilmGrain2,FilmicAnamorphSharpen,FilmicPass,Mode1,Mode2,Mode3,FXAA,GaussianBlur,GlitchB,HighPassSharp,HQ4X,HSLShift,Levels,LiftGammaGain,LightDoF_AutoFocus,LightDoF_Far,LightDoF_Near,LumaSharpen,LUT,MagicBloom,Monochrome,MultiLUT,LeiFx_Tech,Nightvision,Nostalgia,PerfectPerspective,ChromaticAberration,ReflectiveBumpmapping,Tint,AdaptiveFog,SurfaceBlur,Technicolor,Technicolor2,TiltShift,Tonemap,UIDetect,UIDetect_Before,UIDetect_After,UIMask_Top,UIMask_Bottom,AmbientLight,Vignette [Vibrance.fx] Vibrance=0.250000 VibranceRGBBalance=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 [SMAA.fx] EdgeDetectionType=0 EdgeDetectionThreshold=0.100000 MaxSearchSteps=60 MaxSearchStepsDiagonal=8 CornerRounding=0 DebugOutput=0 [FakeHDR.fx] HDRPower=1.000000 radius1=0.600000 radius2=0.630000 [AdaptiveSharpen.fx] curve_height=1.000000 L_compr_low=0.167000 D_compr_low=0.250000 curveslope=0.500000 L_overshoot=0.003000 D_overshoot=0.009000 L_compr_high=0.334000 D_compr_high=0.500000 scale_lim=0.100000 scale_cs=0.056000 pm_p=0.700000 [MXAO.fx] MXAO_FADE_DEPTH_END=0.100000 MXAO_GLOBAL_SAMPLE_QUALITY_PRESET=2 MXAO_DEBUG_VIEW_ENABLE=0 MXAO_SAMPLE_RADIUS=10.000000 MXAO_SAMPLE_NORMAL_BIAS=0.600000 MXAO_FADE_DEPTH_START=0.010000 MXAO_GLOBAL_RENDER_SCALE=0.400000 MXAO_SSAO_AMOUNT=2.000000 MXAO_BLEND_TYPE=1


14 Aug 19:49 CEST

MXAO is killing my fps
I lost 10+ fps

12 Aug 20:11 CEST

Creision, it is precisely this fog that produces this horrible effect! but your preset is cool ;)

12 Aug 16:53 CEST

Tseb, not trying to remove that fog. I'm talking about the bleached out haze that seems to cover the screen. It washes out all of the colours and looks a bit shit imo. This removes that. Also, sharpens up the textures to look better. Adds MXAO and deepens the blacks to make the colours pop a little more.

12 Aug 08:54 CEST

Hi guys just for information, to end this horrible fog just turn off the volumetric effect ;)

12 Aug 03:30 CEST

Out of all the other presets for this game, this one is my favorite as it only sharpens the game and its textures (Much needed), takes care of that awful white bleach screen effect as well as making the natural color of the game more lively by giving it a deeper black. Very nicely done.

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